Sunday, April 25, 2004

All about me and my stickers
I'm 33. I've been collecting stickers for 20 years. I own I have never swapped before because I lived in an apartment and they only provided a small slot to put our mail in, and I don't drive (I am disabled. So now I finally have a house so I can now put stickers on my mail box to send. I am married no kids yet. Anyone remember sticker magizine in the early 80's know where I can find some? I'm interested in sticker slams, reg slams, and decos.

stickers( been collecting for 20 yearssince 1981) Swapping stuff, freebies, free stuff, decos, slams, sticker slams, catalogs,clip-art collecting (so send me any pics you want.) clubs, yahoo groups, Neopets, newletters,mailing list, Auctions, Stationary, snailmail,desktop themes, wallpapers, The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon. pogs, round robins, nefc, scapbooking, friendship books, games, computer stuff, lisa frank, kids, art computer programs

Sticker Preferences:
Likes: individual stickers, teddy bears, unicorns, Lisa Frank, Stickers from the 80's.mystik, angels, biblical, black panthers, cats, Wacky Packages, colorful space pictures, colorful pics, clowns (especially one with four clown faces together with heads together in a circle), collages of different things, dolls, fantasy, famous paintings, GENERAL HOSPITAL, graffiti, hot air balloons, Indians, kites, lighthouses, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, Lisa Frank art, medieval paintings, mosaics, masks, mermaids, Pegasus, product characters, rainbows, renaissance art, snow scenes, soap operas, teddy bears, unicorns, Victorian art, volcanoes, witches, wizards, and wolves.
Dislikes: sheet stickers (they are OK but not enough individual ones around).
Hobbies: Stickers (For 20 years), rocks, stamps shells, clipart (On PC), dolls, stuffed animals, Lots of things

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