Sunday, April 25, 2004

I decided to put all my intros up today So everyone can Get an idea Who I am. There are five total. Here is number 2. I wrote it as my Intro for my starting Over Group

I'm a 33 year old with Cerebal Palsey. I live in Fort Worth Texas. I walk pretty well but a speech impediment. I'm overweight. I'm married to a man with Cerebal Palsey too. He's in a wheelchair. I've never had a job because I fear working. My self-esteem is very low. I cry very easy and my speech gets worse. I'm very sensitive. I'm most like PJ on the show. I'm very smart with a Junior college degree. My mother committed suicide when I was 20. I'm not close to my family and have no friends of my own. They are all hubby's friends. I like staying at home to help hubby when he needs it cuz he works at home. We are trying to have our first child. I have a mild social phobia. I'm also somewhat obsessive compulse/ I'd like to see someone like me on the show. I'd apply but hubby would have no one to take care of him
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