Monday, April 26, 2004

As I've said Hubby and I are both Disabiled. Alot of Things are hard for us sexully. Hubby and I love each other very much and are happy in our marriage. Sometimes it seems like we are more like friend than anything. There is really no "passion" there. We have sex rather than making love. We aren't real touchy feelly. A quick kiss and hug is about all that we interact touching wise. Once in awhile we will cuddle. It just dosen't come natural for us. Him being in a wheelchair makes it hard to just reach out to me. If we are in bed it takes him great effort and time to reach out and touch me. Don't get me wrong we do have sex. Not often about once a week. For along time we didn't have intercorse. We tried along time ago but it was difficult for me to be on top. He can not be on top which I miss. We only did oral and manual for years. Recently we decided to get pregnant and tried intercourse again. I was shocked that It wasn't as hard as it used to be. We are tring to get pregnant now.

I wasn't a virgin when we met. I'd been with a few other. He was a virgin but had done oral. Growing up I love to play house anf school and be bad and get spanked. I loved to watch Little House on the prarie and imagine I was Laura and Pa was going to spank me. He was alway loving but firm
After hubby and I married I cheated on him. Yes it was stupid. I really just want a guy on top one more time. I mean I did like the guy we where friends awhile first. Well I ended up telling him. We worked things out. I vowed not to go behind his back again. And I haven't. I told him I like to be spanked and he has always tried his best to spank me as well as he can. He can't hold me down or be forceful in anyway. He can't spank with his hand or anything light. But with a paddle or brush he can do good and really hurt.
This life work good until....... The best and worst invention ever. The one that kept me from getting a job after graduation, The one I couldn't live without now. Your using it now. Yes in 1997 we got a computer and internet. It didn't take long to discover sex, spanking, and BDSM sites. We both loved the pics and movies we found. I met other spankos. We soon began talking about meeting other people. It turned out we were both bi-curious. He only interested in oral with a guy. No kissing or anal. We started having thresome with guys. Mostly people into spanking and BDSM. I wanted a DOM/daddy. We've been with about 6 or 7 guys. No one has worked out yet. There is on long time friend who happens to be black we are with sometimes though. I can't have intercourse now though since I'm trying to get pregnant. But oral and anal is fun. But i really like the guy on top. We haven't find any women interested.
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