Sunday, April 25, 2004

TV Show of the Day

Starting Over.

Starting Over is the best show on TV i think. It a reality show where women of all walk of life go to Start there life over. It's on NBC weekdays Usully about noon, but so people see it about 1 a.m. Six women at a time live in the house. There are 2 life coaches. Right now the is one pregnent girl trying to decide rather or not to give up her baby. She was homeless before she moved on the house. She's due any day.

Another woman if trying to find her father she's never met. She's also dealing with her mothers death which may.....MAY turn out to be suicide.

There is a mother and daughter team trying to fix a terrible relationsship.
A woman trying to get of welfare and another trying to start a career.

I's helpful to see them complete assignments given by the coaches. It's my favorite show. You can find more here
Starting Over
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