Thursday, April 29, 2004


But that's ok cuz that cat knows. Yep hubby will be gone 4 days 3 nights fishing. We are together 24/7 so sometimes we do need time apart. I need time alone. Most of the time I'll be alone but our friend that we get with sometimes going to come spend time with me. Don't worry hubby knows he's coming and that will sleep together. I mean we have sex with hubby in the room so why not when he's gone. Him(our friend) and I hardly have any alone time so it will be good for us too. I hope. We fight sometimes. Anyway I thought I'd have so much time to do what I want but I seems all this time I've spent getting him ready I got behind on everything . I'll problably spend all my extra time getting caught up Gaining no time. That sucks. Well, I'm really tired from getting everything ready, my back is killing me. I think I'm going to bed early.
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