Friday, April 30, 2004

Work, Work, work

I'm sitting here just opened a beer. My friend due here in an hour. Hubby left early this morning. All I've done this week is work. Tuesday I did laundry, Wensday Shopping, Yesterday packing. Now that I'm alone what did I do all day....... Yep work. It's so unlike me. I guess I wanted tonight to be special for Our friend and I( just a reminder It's a friend that hubby and I have 3 somes with. Hubby knows he's coming and that will have sex. It's fine with him as long as we don't have intercourse because I'm trying to get pregnant. We have oral and anal. He's no Dom but he's black so he really knows how to beat my ass. That might be an unfair generalization sorry. LOL Should be fun.) Anyway He's allergic to cats so I vacuumed the carpet, the couch changed the cat litter and straighten up. LOL I feel like a sub waiting for my master to come home lol. Now he called he'll be late. Storms are moving in. It may Hail. Wonder how the weather is where hubby is. I'm so far behind on everything. Haven't checked my sites I check everyday, or blogs or mail in 2 days. It will problably take the rest of my alone time to catch up.
Oh well. I'm going to get some done.
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