Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Alot of stuff including a spanking and some"fun Fun" LOL

Alot has happen since Sunday. I of course decide not to go to church. Big suprise there(sarasism). I wasn't still hurting from PMS. Hubby wentup to the store while I clean the house a little. Now he can't transfer himself or dress himself but he can roll his wheelchair to the store himself. He has an eletric chair. It saved sometime. We got settled down to watching ours shows while I tried to catch up my mail. Then the neighbor came over and wanted me to babysit. Well this was only the 3rd time they asked me in 6 months so I thought I really should. So Just as I thought I gained time by not going out sat and sun I lost more. But I did something good for someone and it felt good. They have 3 kids. The boy is 3 and both girls are in elementry school.It's only the 3 rd time I babysat in like 9 or 10 years excluding my now 13 year old niece. Hubby went with me while they played outside but went home when it was there bed time because he can't get in there house. Any way it was 6 to 11 they gave me 20 buck. Yes I know I'm a cheap baby sitter.
Smackavellie came over yesterday drunk. Oh GOD. He drives me nuts. Evidently he sent the picture of that decaptatated soilder to a girl as joke think it was another picture of a sheep. I'm sure he just sent the wrong pic. But he almost got fired. So he was depressed and drunk and I wanted him gone. He said abunch of shit. And how he loves me. Oh shit just shut up. Luckly he only stayed an hour. I know we shouldn't have let him drivedrunk but I can't handle him that way especilly whem I got stuff to do. He did smack me a few times though in a good way. LOL.
Yesterday on Starting Over a daytime reality show where women try to improve there life. A woman found her father she never met. I've been into this story so long because i never met my dad. I'm glad he was willing to see her but I feel like I missed out because he wouldn't meet her on camera.
Today hubby and I fought about money again. He said he'd get a second job. I said I'd get a job before he gets a secon one. Sigh. All come threats. We both hate not having money but I don't see him taking public transportation to a second job that late. And I have jobaphobia. LOL I don't know what to do. Especially if we have a baby. He may have to get a second job if we havee one.
Today I found out that TechTV has canceled Call For Help One of two computer teaching shows. It was the one for beginners. the other The Screen savers is more advanced is staying on. I've been a faithful view of this show since 1997 when I got my first pc. I'n so sad.
I also found out the long awaited game Sim2 has been delayed again fron Aug. 2 to Sept. 14. Damn.
Ok Ok you waited along time for me to get to the good stuff. Yes hubby and I had "fun Fun" and he spanked me with my new 1 dollar paddle. We tried role playing a real scene from someones blog( I don't know if I should tell whos). The role playing was ok the spanking hurt alot. I kinda think I went into sub space. I stop feeling it as much and kinda stopped thinking. I'm a little sore yay. He used the new g-spot vibrator on me that smackavellie brought me when he was gone. I ask him to tell me not to cum until he said. He did. It was pretty hard but when I started begging he let me. My orgasm was very strong. I put him in bed then he did oral on me. I orgasmed many times strong. I gave him a BJ and he screamed like crazy. LOL. Then Like I like to do I "topped" myself off with one finally one.
Tomorrow he goes in to work which he rarely does. He works at home. When he is gone I usully like some alone fun. I like to spank myself and masterbate but I'm not sure I'll need to after tonight LOL.
Well that's the last few days for me. Pretty event for for mylife. People are going to be come over alot to work on the house the nexr several days maybe weeks. And I need to clean house good cuz my SIL is coming weekend after next to drop us off after we spend the weekend over there. Then soon after that I need to start getting this house in order. 2 rooms are srill not unpacked. So I'll be busy. Starting Over newsgroups and bdsm blogs might have to wait awhile. Oh well sorty if I don't run spell check tonight i'm tried of typing.

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