Friday, May 07, 2004

Better Mood

Yeah, I'm in a lot better mood today. I guess things are getting back to normal. Today I found out a new VERY NICE friend of hubby's is going to work on our house for I'm sure a good price. His work a store chain you have heard of is paying for materials. We are getting our bathroom floors tiled, house painted, new windows. and more. The guy is suppose to be sssoooooo nice. I meet him and his wife Monday. They are coming to see the house. I'll know more then.
I had fun playing with this site today. I put up a regular dollz, a weather doll that tells what the weather is like where I live, Amessage board, and thanks to nicki a site referrering tracker( I just need someone to link to me LOL). Lucky I learned a little html in 1997.
I might do more today. I'm planning to put links to my pics, new blogs and site, the answer to the question on Apr 27, and A story about my first sex experience.

Anyway things are looking up.
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