Monday, May 10, 2004

(I Wrote and lost a post last night I'm going try to rewrite it as I did then without putting new feeling in.)

Yes I'm once again in a better mood. After a nice visit with my In-Laws for Momsday, enjoying Survivor(please go vote for Rupert to win the extra million), And a couple of beers I feel better. I still don't know about a baby. My Sis in law has a 13 year old and is single(her hubby died)and thinks I can do it. My Mom in law says it's no ones decision but hubby's and mine. Hubby and I are going to bed and have some "fun fun". I'm going to please him but I'm not sure if I want any but my back hurts. I problably will. I wanted to be spanked I guess I'll have to take a rain check. I bought a new $1 dollar paddle and haven't really got to try it. Oh well nightnight
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