Friday, May 28, 2004


We went to our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant Bamboo Garden Today. We've been trying to go for a year but things always come up almost went the Movies today instead but when we go we see 3 or 4 movies and eat. I didn't want to be out that long sine people are coming to paint tomorrow morning. Before eating my blood pressure was 118 over 72 and 118 over 76. Then I went to eat. Ate a lot including fried chicken, fried biscuits, ice cream with chocolate syrup. Then took a poop, carried a heavy box and sat in the hot sun a few minutes. Went and checked it again it was 149 over 84. geez I rested 15 minutes in the cool air inside it was 131/83 pulse 127 and 134 over 87 pulse 130. It amazing the difference LOL. I do tend to have high blood pressure but I take meds for it. Once I went to the county hospital for back pain my bp was ok. I waited for ever. Then went to have a hamburger, took a poop the started having major pain so bad I was cry. I went back for a reassessment. My bp was so high they took me back. So if you ever wait to long at a hospital eat a burger take a poop and cry maybe your bp will go up so the can take you in LOL.


Smack called twice today when we were gone but left no message.


We were going to my sister-in-laws this weekend. She doesn't lives about 30 minutes away but she likes us too come over for the weekend alot. But since they were coming to paint tomorrow We thought we'd better stay here plus I wasn't up for it after last weeks fiasco.


First G4 took over TechTv fired Leo Laporte, hired him back then canceled his show. Now They delete all old info on the old site including Great photoshop video tutorials. Fuck 'em. I'm not watching the station any more.
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