Saturday, May 01, 2004

Damn I wrote this once but It did post so here I go again. Here it is 4:30pm Saturday night and I'm finally getting to do what I want to do. After my friend smackavellie left at 10 this morning. I went to sleep until 2:30 when hubby called. He called last night too. He's having a blast. Atfer we talk I cleaned house and took a bath. WHY. No ones here to see the house and I wasn't that dirty( I'm took 3 showers in 24 hours) This is not like me. Why didn't I just get up say screw it and go straight to the PC. Damn I'm Obsessive Compulsive. I'll write about last night later or tomorrow. I got to go catch up on my mail and sites. But I spranged my little toes will playing. And today is wet and cold 60 degress. Damn I'm shivering. More later
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