Saturday, May 08, 2004

Fishing, Mother's day, And Babies
Mixed Emotions today.
I told you hubby went fishing but I didn't tell you about his trip. They had a great time as far as visiting with each other but The fishing Sucked. The did some pier fishing Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday but didn't catch anything big enough to keep. Then Sunday night 5pm to 5 AM the went out on the fishing boat. The damn captain was to worried about calm waters and didn't go out far enough to catch anything. Hubby catch the biggest fish a black tip Shark but it was a few inches from being big enough to keep. So they brought home nothing. I guess a few people complained and the dolphin dock people offered them a free nights. They found a cheap place to stay 4 to a room the trip is going to cost $50. There going in July. 3 nights again. That's good. The trip is where he met the guy doing our house that coming Mon.
My sis-in-law called today about momsday. We all planned to go out with her, her daughter, his mom, and grandmother. SIL said Mom doesn't have the money to go out. We usually buy gifts but she buy her own dinner and grandmothers too. ( We didn't get her a gift. We haven't been out for awhile. SIL picked something up for us and we'll pay her back. Anyway SIL wanted us to pitch in 20 bucks to pay for their meal. We don't have it. Money is tight for all of us. SIL too. But I think she is going to pay it then will pay her back when we can. We are planning to spend the weekend there merorial day. Mom is too.

All these money problems make me worry about having a baby. Money is always tight for us. Hubby said "isn't it for everyone?" In bsaid no. I how can we ever afford a child if money is tight now. Plus I worry about my health. I've never had any serious health problems except high blood pressure, and herinated disk. But I'm 33 disabled and 200 pounds. I also worry about me emotionally. I'm lazy, selfish, and immature and I know it. I've heard having a baby will make you grow up. But not sure how true or fair that is. I think it depends on the person. Hubby's not lazy, immature or selfish, but he can't physically do much for a baby. I can though I used to work in a church nursey. I guess Everyone worries about that stuff. Hubby and I both have always wanted to have a child. But it all scares me.

Speaking of babies on my Favorite showStarting Over ( see Sunday April 25 th to find out more about it) a girl had a baby today and I missed it for the stupid senate committee hearings. You can mess with ANY of my entertainment but DON"T mess with Starting Over. I'm so pissed.

Oh well that's the day I had.
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