Sunday, May 02, 2004

As promised here is what happened with my friend smackavellie Friday night.

Once again I must stress I'm not cheating on hubby he knows all about what smackavellie and I do. Most of the time we do it with him there. Smackavellie
has been a friend for more than 8 years. He happens to be black. He was our pizza delivery guy. Then our pot supplier( yes we do it about once a month of course not when I'm trying to get pregnant or any more once I do. I don't drink while trying to get pregnant either). It was shortly after my affair read below(MY SEX LIFE). We were all drunk and high. We sleep together with hubby there. That's how it started. Hubby and him has played a little but it's not smackavellie's thing. I just make sure hubby gets satisfied too.
Smackavellie wants to have intercourse as bad as I do but we can't cuz I'm trying to get pregnant. That's the only rule hubby gives us. But he often puts it in "accidentally". Of course I push him off and he stops. But he shouldn't be doing it. He always has a condom on though. Although he sometimes rubs against me without one but not when he's close to coming. It's all still to risky. Maybe I should end it. The man lies like crazy you can't believe a word he say. Boy can he talk. He yaks all though sex. He's arrogant he thinks he's the best in the world.... NOT. He say he loves me. Oh please. Why must he say that. I love him but not in that way. As a friend. I could never live with the man. We fight too much. One sign of tears he's out the door. He has a girl friend too. She getting a divorce now. They have been together on and off the whole time we've been together. He also take forever to cum. Geez I just want to give up sometimes. He's uses me which is ok cuz I use him too. I explained that hubby being in a wheelchair can't do a lot of what I desire. So we started having threesome. He's not a dom but he can beat my ass good.

Anyway know that you know all that here is what happened Friday.
I guess we both wanted it to be special. It's the first night we've been alone all night. I cleaned so hopefully the cats wouldn't bother him but they did. He was due at 8 but at 7 he called and said he'd be late about 9. But storms were moving in so he hurried and made it shortly before 8. He came barring gifts. A g-spot vibrator, a penis extender (we thought might make intercourse possible but it wouldn't stay on), a CD with porn on it(it's called over my knee#2 but it all ads for phone sex mostly with some sex) and lubricant. We had a few beers and started talking about sex. I doubt we ever talked so much. It was different just being the two of us. I told him about my rape fantasy. One reason he has a hard time hitting me like I like is because he used to abuse his wife. He's never hit me anyway I didn't want him to. We played a little Dom/sub. I asked him to put me over his knee and spank me. He did. Later he told me to get up and I wouldn't he pulled me up and That's when I hurt my toe. He hit my legs and my breast. I complained that my legs and breast always get more beat up than my ass. He said "you said I could hit you anywhere I want". LOL.
We started playing around and he fucked me in the ass while I was leaning all the way over on the bed. I've never done this before. I liked it because I didn't have to hold my self up. He made me cum and we did some other things. But then the food was ready. We ate but the allergy medicine I gave him for the cat allergry had kicked in. He went to lay down before I finished eating. Earlier he had said something about wanting someone to play with him when he was asleep. He has said he want me to fuck him in the ass. So I went in there he had his ass toward me and was asleep. I sat down and started playing with his ass. I started fingering him. One finger then two, then three. He seemed to like it. He always said he wanted the big dildo in him. I always said no you don't. It's big and hard. (We have intercourse with that sometimes). I tried to put it in but he wanted me to put it on. I did but it didn't work. I tried a smaller dildo on him though. He kept saying I wanted to do that. No That's his wishes. It's not my thing Geez. Anyway we had lots of anal sex and he licked me and made me cum a lot. At one point he had fingers in both holes fingering me hard. It felt good. He accidentally put his cock in the wrong home several times which he stopped when I said but it got me crying. I got up went to the bathroom. He said He sleep on the couch. I'm surprised he didn't leave since I was crying. I told him I didn't want him to sleep on the couch. I wanted him to spend the night so we could share a bed. We went back to bed played some more but he still hadn't cum. We decide to go to sleep but I got up to wash up and ended up taking a shower. I called him in there to wash him so I could try giving him a blow job. I tried still nothing so we went to sleep. I think it was 3 or 4. He went to sleep holding me but I can't sleep like that. I woke him up to tell him to move over several times. We woke up about 8 or 9. We played around awhile then he rubbed against me until he finally came. I asked him to spank me hard. (he usually spanks me with his hand that's all it takes. He doesn't like hitting me with anything else because he's afraid he'll hurt me too much. As hard as he spanks with his hands insturments can be lethal. But He does sometimes and did a little the night before. He hit me just hard enough spaced out just right he did 20 or 30 times. After that he left. Finally time alone. It was fun but I can't handle much. I went back to bed about 10:30 am and slept until 2:30 pm. My legs are spotted like a leopard, my breast ore bad but my but has few signs.

Well that's what happen. It's not that exciting. Sorry I'm a terrible typist and writer. My spelling Sucks too. But know my finger is killing me. I'm a one finger typist. I'll try to proof This but I hate proofing.
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