Friday, May 21, 2004

Getting the house painted
I haven't been feling well the last couple of days. I've had a headache(problably cuz I need to get some teeth filled), A backache, stomach cramps, a little bit of a sore thoat, and felt dizzy. I feel alittle better. I needed some sugar to help the dizziness.
This time tomorrow Our house hopefully be white with blue trim instead of white with brown trim. I can't wait to see. Anyway we Asked smackavellie to come help. Hubby asked him to help when he came over drunk the other day. He made comment about if I "took care" of him. Hubby said "we won't be calling you then" smackavellie laugh and said he was joking. Hubby decided to call and ask him. I don't know if he'll come or not. But If he expect something from me if he does he's got another thing coming. I like sleeping with him when it's "party night". But I won't do it for a condition of helping us out. I garantee I won't do anything with him tomorrow. Also if he wants beer for it. He can forget that too. He doesn't need to be painting and drinking. And we only have 3 beers I'm hiding them. LOL If he's a ture friend he'll come to help and expect nothing in return. He also seems to "showboat" alot and act soooooo perfect. I don't know if he will except someone else is in charge of painting. He said I'll do it all myself. Pleease. If it don't go well with him. I might ended it. But if he can show he's a ture friend..... well we'll see.... I'll fill u in tomorrow. I hope it wasn't a mistake to ask him.
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