Saturday, May 22, 2004

My 3real spankings. Invida wanted to hear about my spanking when I was 16. So I thought I'd tell about my first 3 spanking as a child long before I realized I was a Spanko.
The first one I don't remember. I was 2 or 3. Mom told me I pulled all the toilet paper off the roll and she spanked me good.
The second I have no idea how old I was problably around 7 or 8.My only job was to make the bed for my measly 1 dollar allowance. If I didn't everyday I didn't get my money. Well, Of course this week I hadn't done it so no lousy dollay. We were at the mall my uncle went and bought some cool glow in the dark crayons. I got upset and wanted to buy something. I started crying and acting up. Mom said I was getting a spanking when I got home and if I didn't straight up she take me to the bathroom and do it. I guess I straighten up cuz. It happened at home. At home mom was standing by the heat so It must have been cold. I don't remember really what was said or if I was crying but knowing me I was. I guess she told me to go to her and I did. Somehow we got in a standing hug position and she gave me a few swats. Not that hard at all whoopie doo. I remember thinking then how it wasn't that hard. I think it would have been better for me if it was harder. BTW the next week I promised my self I'd make the bed everyday. I didn't. :(
ok on to my sixteen year old spanking. Like I've said before I always misssed school. One year I missed 56 day in one year. I just didn't go. Mom was at work and grandma couldn't make me go, Although she tried. I mom was at home when I left I would have went. I bet the best thing she could have ever done for me was work another shift. Oh well I won't get into what a bad mom she was you can read that in An Intro on April 24. Anyway I didn't go to school one day. Mom came home and was mad. I don't know really was said before dinner but at dinner she was pissed at me and went and fix me a plate on with stuff I didn't like and told me to eat it all. I gaged on some potatoes. And she said If u throw it up..... Well u know those stupid threats. now I never to this point showed anger to my mom really. I hate confrontation. Put being forced to eat something when i'm a very picky eater really really pissed me off. I got sssooo mad I though the damn plate down food and all. Mom was pissed. She grabbed me and said something about "we talked about the other day"( We were playing around a few days before talking about rather I was too big to be spank. Shespanked me then too but she was playing. She started Spanking me bare handed over my panties, gown and housecoat. Yeah it hurt. but not half as bad as most hubby give me now. Yes I cried more out of fear then pain. I got over it quick but I had to pay her a dammn dollar for the plate.( there goes my dollar allowane LOL.( nah buy then I was getting 5 whole dollars for more chorus.
Well that's I started this hours ago while they worked on the house Smackivellie did come. I'll write all about that and the house tomorrow. I still plan not to give him any thing. But if he gives me something or does something to me that different. He already has but more about that tomorrow.............
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