Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Not sure This blogging thing is for me.

I know I'm wrong here but I can't help it it's how I feel. I know a jounal are suppose to be for yourself. I don't think I'd be doing it if it was just for me. If no one read it I wouldn't do it. I hate typing. I wanted to share my life and make friends. I've made about 6 here. Confused, Invida, Aiyana,danerah, nicki, and one or two other I can't think of now. I've enjoyed these girls. But when someone want to here about something then you write it out and don't get any comments it hurts. When I write about a major night and ask for advice and only get one response it hurts. I know I shouldn't feel this way. I know some people may get behind on them I do too. But when i get behind I try to go back and read everyday I missed. I know maybe some people just can't think of any thing to say. I don't always either. I'm as guilty as not commenting as the next person. But I do try. I guess I'm just to sensitive. I guess I got hurt because I've only got 1 comment on my last 3 post. They were all important to me and 2 took for ever to type. I know I shouldn't get my feeling hurt so easy. I know I have low self-esteem. I really need online friend because I have few in really life and am losing one now Smackavillie. I'm sure I should be writing this. It should be about comments. But a Jounal is about writing down feeling and that's how I feel even though it's wrong.

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