Thursday, May 20, 2004

Last night's account of hubby and I have sex was a pretty common account for a non quickie time for us. Like I said last night days he goes in to work(which is about once evey 2 months) I like to have some alone fun. I really felt like I needed to release all my emmorphins or what ever they are. So maybe I could get sex off my mind and maybe I wouldn't be in such a bad mood. So here is what I did today. It's a pretty common account of my private fun time.
I spanked myself 100 times with the new paddle. Had 1 orgasm using my hand, 1 spanking my pussy with the paddle, 1 using my plug in vibrator with a knob on low, one on high, 1 with one of those big back messages on low, one on high, 1 with the new g-spot vibrator on my clit, and once with it moving in and out of me. All this took me about 15 minutes. I problably had 6 to 8 orgasms last night and 8 this morning. That's alot to me. I'm still not in the best of moods( problably due to knowing I got alot to do coming up.) And I've still have been fantizing about spanking, bdsm and the dom i'll problably never find.
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