Monday, May 24, 2004

This Weekend
I'm not sure if anyone is interested or not but here is what the fight was about with hubby I talked about in my last post. It involves Smackavellie and sex. I reall need feed back on this. Please tell me either way you feel just please be nice about it.
The people came over to work on the house Saturday. They weren't ready to paint yet. They needed to put up new board and stuff. Smackavillie thought when he agreed on monday that we were painting the rooms not the exterior. He didn't really want to do exterior. Then he said he would anyway come to find out they weren't painting that day at all. Smackavellie did come to "help" . Evidentilly He cut aboard wrong(maybe on purpose). So they really didn't want his help but I didn't know that. I saw it as him not helping at all. He keep coming in to play with me. Now early I picked on him alot and we played fought alot. Punching each other it was fun. I admit I was cruising for a bruising and yes I wanted one. At one point he followed me in to get a beer. He was getting pretty drunk he had a 40 oz of a strong beer. He started spanking me hard and we were having fun. But I antagonized him so much and he force me in the bedroom. He spank me good and of course Knowing him he started fingering me. Well I said I wasn't going to do anything with him but I guess it was fine as long as he was only giving to me. Hubby didn't want me too because It would mean he was only coming to help to get sex. So I had no intention of giving him anything. Someone came in so we stopped......( More about this in a minute I want to tell you about two other thing that happen during this time)
The workers all went out to Taco Bell to get food and gave huuby and I two each. I put them on the stove for latersince hubby was working. After the guys are Smackicellie went to get a friend to help(not sure way he wanted to help someone he didn't know. But he did a hell of alot more work then Smackavellie did. Smackaville told me he got him to work for him.) Anyway his friend came saw the Taco Bell and asked if he could have ONE. I thought since he worked hard and wasn't here when the other guys ate. Why not give hime ONE. He ate 3 leaving Hubby and I with nothing almost. (more on Taco Bell later this part of the story insn't over either.
Meanwhile The main guy that wis doing our house is a great guy doing it free and hubby's work is paying for supplies. Anyway his wife came over. (Smackavillie didn't realize who she was and started hitting on her but that's not important)She works with Hubby. She told hubby That if she thought her hubby was spending too much time here she let MY hubby know and she could take him away at anytime. Know I'm not exactly sure how this played out or if some of it is in correct. But still..

Ok back to Smackaville the story will flow more smoothly now. Smackavillie was also cussing infront of kids. Saying Fuck and shit. I don't think it bothered them though. Buit he said hell in front of my neighbor and daughters that are missionaries. I warned him to watch it in front of them. Smackavillie and got in a few auguments in the next few hours about him not helping and that he might be there just for sex. His friend had a prior engagement an hour ago and needed to go but Smack put him on hold to talk to me. How rude he come to help then he wouldn't take him home. I got mad at this too. He took his friend home I think he was mad, but I kinew he'd be back. Earlier he had said something about hubby and I never inviting him over JUST TO WATCH movies. He did come back helped the guys clean up. The guys left. They will paint saturday. I want Smack to stay and watch movie hubby said he wanted to watch our show. I said ok if we don't have time for other people and our shows are more important than we won't go to your sisters next weekend. He gave in so Smack took me to get some more beer and TAco bell. We bought him 10 dollars of gas. They wanted to get 40 oz. bottle of that strong beer i didn't but I did just to go with the crowd. BIG FUCKINg mistake. We had fun watch blade2,arugered around. Smack ate hisd taco bell. I ate one out of 4 of mine hubby want to wait. Things werefine until bed time I realized I was drunk off my ass. thowing up. Smack put me to bed. Later he put hubby in bed. and laid inbetween us. I was out of it but aware of everything. I was sobering up. He starting fingering me. Know hubby didn't want us to do anything. I pushed him away and said now. The light were out. I started feeling alot of moving around. I knew what was going on but waited until I was 100% sure. As I've said hubby is bi but only orally. Smack if you asked he would say he's straight. But tthey have played around a few times. He evern tried once to fuck hubby in the ass which hubby is not into. He stopped it. Anyway now after hubby said he didn't want me to do anything with Smack HE WAS LETTING HIM DO THINGS TO HIM. I was pissed. When I was sure. I yelled what the hell is going on. I jumped out of bed turned on the light. I said after you did want me to do anything with him you do. Hubby felt guilty and said it was his fault. The truth is Smack did only want sex and he didn't care where he got it. He was rubbing is cock agaist hubby's face. he's such a smooth operator now hubby understands. If I had done something that night I'd felt guilty and hubby would have been mad. A fight broke out I told smack to leave. Hubby and I fought but I forgave hm telling him it would take time to get over it. ( I had to forgive him. I had an affair years ago he forgave me.)
Next morning I looked in the refigurator All tbe taco bell that was left was two tacos with everything on them. I ordered mine with just meat and cheese. Smack ate my quesidilla and one taco and gave hubby and him my taco with out care whose it was. Damn I was just destined not to get any Taco Bell.
So here I am Trying to get overthing with hubby. But I've pick many fights with him mostly over the tempature in the house, I didn't make him coffee today. My tradition mean way of punish him when I'm mad. I've told him 3 or 4 little white lies which I normally don't lie much. I don't know how to get over it.
As for smack. I haven't heard from him yet. He left his favorite hat here and blade2. So I expect he'll want them. But I ain't calling him first. So what do I do. Should I end this 9 year friendship?? All smack does is lie. He can't admit that all he wants is sex. He made me feel guilty for accusing him. Sometimes I do just want sex from him but at least I can admit it. Hubby said he's not inviting him over again It's up to me. I was saying I wouldn't then hubby said becareful of burning your bridges. Damn I don't know. I don't have any friends of my own. Smack is the only friend we met together. The rest of out friend are people he knew before we met or from work. If I end it and we never find a DOM. It mean I never get spanked with anything other than paddles and brushes cuz hubby can't with anything else. I love when Smack uses his hand.I'll never be phyically forced or play fight. I'll never be fucked again. I have to be on top with hubby. I'll never have anal sex again. But I just don't think it's a healthy thing for hubby or me. Smack is a master manipulator, a liar. But I want people to except me for who I am. Everyone needs friends and exceptance. Maybe I should just except him as he is.Please read the part of may19th about him and"friday night" may 2nd. And tell my nicely what you think. Should We end it With Smack or not??????
and "friday

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