Saturday, June 05, 2004

Former president Ronald Reagan died today at 93. God Bless Him


Idon't know if I'll answer is calls or if he'll stop by or not. He may never get a chance to read it but It's here if he comes. Smackavilie,
What you did that night really hurt hubby and I. It could have potentially hurt our marriage. I really don't think you did come over to help that day. At one time you did say something about you help if I'd "take care of you.Hubby said "we won't be calling you then" You got your friend to help so you wouldn't have to. You just wanted to come inside and play with me the whole time. Then all you did was try and make me feel guilty for saying you were just coming over for sex when I knew the truth. You swore up and down you didn't and made me feel guilty. Later that night just proved me right. You said I never invited you over just to watch movies anymore. So I did, JUST TO WATCH MOVIES. We made it clear that there wasn't going to be sex that night. Later you said what you always said "we're do all that tonight". Hubby said something like n we're not. I agreed. We ALL got wasted that night mostly me. You got us both in bed and started playing with me. I pushed you away and said no. You knew you wouldn't get ant from me. You wanted some no matter how you got it. So you turned to him. You wanted him to suck you. If he had would you had returned the favor knowing he wasn't very clean???? You took advantage of both us. He didn't want me to have sex with you because that would be what you wanted inreturn for helping instead of helping out of friendship. I didn't. I said no yet you get him to do you. He did what he told me not too. But you knew too. You both hurt me.We both said no sex earlier but you didn't care. I was more mad at him at the time and trust me we had it out and dealt with it. But as he said to me and I already knew your smooth. You know how to slowly maniputlate people in to giving you what you want.
Something else that really tick me off. Was the next morning when I woke up and looked in the refidgerator There was only 2 tacos left and they weren't even mine. The had everything on it mine had only cheese. So you ate my queadilla and one of my tacos and didn't even care to look to see if they were mine or his. He said he only ate on taco so you ate on of our and my quesidilla. I told you to get that you want there. You chose to eat yours as soon as you got back. You had none left to eat. But you didn't care you took advantage and ate what ever the hell you want. You also ate the burrito he had from earlier that day. I felt like you just said screw her I'll eat hers. Remember I got none earlier that day either because your friend ate them all. So I was fucked and ended up with nothing twice.
Then you kept calling and not leaving a message. Once when you did answer you acted like nothing happen and asked why I was cold. You did finally leave a message but It was all "why are you doing this to ME. Yep it's all about you. What about what you did to is??? Hubby feels the same.
I'm the kind of person that wants to be liked for me. Accepted for who I really am. I want to do that with others too. Why can't you just be you and admit sex is what you want. We can deal from there. I can admit that sometimes I do just want sex. I did want to be spanked that day, But I didn't want sex. What I wanted was to know your a true friend that will help when we need it. And will respect our wishes when we say no sex. You always seem to lie to make yourself look good or feel good about many things. I want to accept you for you being your real self. But you have to be your real self with lies and denials.
I want to work things out. I don't want to lose your friendship. I just don't know if it's possible or not


I fixed al the QUIZ from yesterday. Some you couldn't go to. I'm glad I know a little html.

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