Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well I did....... Yes really.......... I did... LOL Ok It was 50,000np. NP is neopoints. Neopets is a great game site. You can take care of virtural pets,all kinds play games( I know some of you like that marbles game there is one like it called Destuct-o.)There is a lotto, stock market, hangman, card games, luck games, gambling games, wheel of excitement and scratch off lotto tickets.. And you can buy and collect thousands of items. The site was created for college kids. But kids love it as well as adults of all ages. You do have to give an e-mail address but they don't spam you. You should check it out.
A week from today I'll turn 34. Hubby is officially on vacation. He likes to take vacation on or b-days so we can run around. Tomorrow we are leaving to go to hubby's sister's for the weekend. She only lives 20 or 30 minutes away. Saturday I'm going to get my hair dyed red. I've wanted to do this a long time. I tried Christmas before last but it wasn't like I wanted it. My SIL is going go do my make-up Sat. and Sun. I usually only wear blush and eye shadow. She'll do it all.Then I plan to go get a new shirt, tennis shoes and make-up for my party. We'll also go out to eat and swimming in her above ground pool Friday and/or Saturday. Sunday is my b-day party. Again we like to have parties so that we can have all our friends and both families together. We invited about 41 people but about 21 are coming.(Read more below in birthday blues.) We are going to the Olive Garden my fav. Restaurant. Then we'll come home. Maybe Smackavillie will be at the party and will come back for some fun.
Monday we are staying home to recover. Tuesday we are going to the Dr. for check-ups and my pap smear breast examine, blood and urine test. FUN. Then we are going to IHoP(international house of pancakes) For breakfast and TO MEET A POTENTIAL 3PERSON. Hubby loves breakfast and has been wanting to go our for breakfast along time. The guy we are meeting is a Bi Dom. If things go well we may invite him over after. Wednesday and Thursday(my b-day. We are going to the Movies. When we go to the movies we go to the movies. We are gone from 10am to 10 pm. My poor doggy will have to pee so bad when we get home. We see 3 or 4 movies. Go out to eat. When we get there we like to go to starbucks and get coffee for him and a sweet for me. I also will go the book store and look around. I like to see books then order them off There are tons of good movies to see to go both days. Lastly Friday we are going to get his handicapped car placards the go to wal-mart to get a b-day cake. Can you guess what kinda of icing............come on it's obvious...... buttercream of course. I have a buttercream fetish. I'll get so ice ceam and maybe some chocolate chip cookie pre-mixed or brown sugar so I can make my own. needless to say we won't be on our diets this week or until my goodies run out. Then I'm hitting it hard. BTW, I've lost 8 pounds. I'm 200 even. Of course I might gain it all back in the next few weeks. Hubby goes back to work Saturday. So you see I'll be busy the next week so if I don't write you'll know why. I've been cleaning all this week. I'll be ready for some boring routine nothingness when he starts to work.
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