Sunday, June 27, 2004

My birthday week is over. I'm tired of going.All I did was eat and watch movies on vacation. WHEN WE GO OUT TO EAT WE EAT. WHEN WE GO TO THE MOVIES WE GO TO THE MOVIES Friday before last we went to my sister-in-laws for the weekend. We didn't get to swim no time plus it wouldn't have been good on my hair.That night We went out to eat at Don Pablo's. I had the El Madador. It has 2 enchilidillas, 4 flautas, and a taco. I don't eat rice or beans so I replced them with cornbread. SIL and I shared a chocolate cake and ice cream dessert.
Saturday I went to have my hair dyed red.Hereand here are the pics of me with red hair taken that day.It cost my hmm.. er.. 95 bucks. That's the most I ever spent on my looks. I went to an individual. I only has credit card at the time. MY SIL had to pay her then we paid for her and my niece(13 Years old) for the rest of the weekend. Then we went to the mall. I got a new dress shirt for my party. My niece got some clothes too. Then we went to chili's for lunch. I had a hamburgar and fries. Lastly we went to the movies. We went to see Raising Helen. It was good for a family chick flick. I like Kate hudson. I gave it a 6 out of 10. had popcorn and candy.Sunday morning SIL and my niece went to church while hubby and I slept in. Then we went to my party at the Olive Garden. 14 out of 41 invited people came the company was nice. I had my usual to eat. A sampler with chicken strips, fried beef ravolia, and stuffed mushrooms,(usulally i get fried mozzaralla or fried calimari( but hubby didn't get a sampler. For dinner I had a t-bone and lunch portion of seafood alfredo, Wine(Lambrusco) to drink,and a black tie (chocolate cake mousse) dessert. I got several gifts. a t-shirt( american flag), night shirt(aqua with zodic sign,2 candle, potorri, lip gloss, soap, peach bath soap and lotion, a plant, a wal-mart gift certicate, and 2 books( a self help and a photoshop from hubby). We went home and watched 2 mini series Children of the dust and ture women both westerns both got 8 out of 10. very good movies
Monday we stayed home and watch 10.5 a mini series. It got bad review but we liked. I gave it a 7 out 10.
tuesday we went to the doctor. Hubby got his first prostate examime. LOL He's not a virgin there any more. Then went to IHOP(INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES)to have breakfast. I had the biggest meatlovers omelette with brisk, sauage, bacon, and ham. I also had a chocolate chip pancake, half a stuffed french toast, so regular butter milk pancakes, link sauage, patty sauage, bacon, and chocolate milk. Hubby suddenly had to go to the bathroom because of the stuff the dr. put up his ass. but being in a wheelchair he couldn't go there. he can't transfer himself and I can't in stange places. Although I have been in men bathrooms plenty to help him in with his urinal. He did make it home in time.
Wensday we went downtown to were he works and the movies.We went to starbucks I got a peanut butter cake thing and a carmel itilian soda. Then looked at books for a great photoshop book I order off when I got home. We ate with a friend from work at the cafe. I had chicken nuggets, fries, texas toast, and pudding. We visited several people at work. I lost my new 60 dollar necklace with my sapprire charm on it that match my earrings in my pic above. We went to see Troy (great movie 8 out of 10). Harry potter 3 ( not as good as 1 and 2 we thought but still worth watching 7 out of 10) and Around the world in 80 days. ( it sucked I'm not a Jackie Chan fan but he was the best thing about the movie. The other 2 main characters sucked 3 out of 10.)I had popcorn and hot dog.
Thursday a repeat of Wensday. Went to starbucks had another carmel itilian soda, carmel brownie, and a chocolate chip cookie. Looked at books awhile. Then visited at work awhile when went to UNO's pizza with his boss and good friend. Talking with him gets kinky. I have crush on him and he knows it. He was at my party. I had most of a medium pizza with chaddar cheese, pepperoni, and sauage. It was so good. They gave me a free dessert. I had an oreo cheese cake.
We saw 3 movies. The day after tomorrow(not the best disaster movie. Not convincing enough not enough character devolopement. 5 out of 10.) Shrek 2 ( just as good as the first one 8 out 100) and lastly Stopford wives. ( I like it. Thought prevoking 7 out of 10.) I had a hot dog. After word we stopped back by uno and had a beer.
FridAY We had to get his hankicaped parking placcards renewed. We have to go back cuz we didn't take the old ones. Then we went to the new super wal-mart. Oh first we went to lurby's I had 3 chicken thighs, a muffin, mashed potatoes, macroni, canalope, and chocolate pie. Some of the cool stuff we got at wal-mart was a birthday cake, cream filled donuts, stuff to make chocolate chip cookies, alferdo chicken hot pockets, boxed fried chicken, Caermal kisses, bridge mix, Air wick relaxtion plug -ins.
Yesterday I ate my boxed chicken some cake and donuts. Today hubby ordered me my favorite pizza. An white scilian pizza(garlic butter instead of tomato sauce, breakfast bacon, itlian sauage and chicken. I got a free turtle cheese cake.
See I told you all I did was eat and watch movies. I don't usally eat like this at all but it's my birthday and hubby's vacation. After 4th of july back to my atkins diet.
I still haven't gotten my b-day spanking maybe to night. But now I'm so tired after typing this I'm not sure. LOL. We are going back to my SIL's for July 4th weekend. Friday we'll go see spider-man and eat. Saturday weare going to a christen concert. July 4th we are going to a boy's ranch where the have rides, a pool. famouse people in concert and fireworks. My hand is killing me from typing. Cya
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