Saturday, June 12, 2004

Maybe tomorrow. I've got to be strong.Stand my ground. Any playing tomorrow(spanking or sex) is not a good idea but I sure could use my ass whipped. LOL All I can think of is his big hands on my ass. I need to pull it together and be tough.

Smackavillie called again last night as he has everyday since our fight. Once I picked up and twice he left a message,the other times he just hung up. Last night he left a message just like the other. why are you doing this to me, I didn't do anything, I don't know why your mad at me type stuff.
I was giving hubby a shower when he called. I decided it was time to put an end to this one way or the other. It is time to talk. I called him back and asked him over today to talk. I wouldn't talk about it on the phone but he was mad we didn't pick up. He called back several hours later and said he called to say he missed us. I bet he was drunk. I said "ok but I got to go get him(hubby) in bed he's got to get up at 2 am." The phone rang a few hours later but only once. I pick up quick so it wouldn't wake up hubby. But they hung up. Caller id said it was him. He should be over today or tomorrow.
Hubby left at 4 am to go to a deer lease with a friend. He should be home soon. It's just after 3. I hope he gets home before Smackavillie comes. The fight was between the 3 of us and should be discussed with all of us here. I'll keep up posted on what happens.
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