Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm one of those people who have a new interest every 5 minutes or old interest resurface. Even though I don't work or have kids there is no way on earth I can keep with all of them. Some interest must fall to the wayside. Unfortunately this has happened.


Summertime is movie time for hubby and I. In the fall, winter, and spring we watch our regular TV show. Continuing Dramas and sitcoms( The best way to check one shows on shows and episodes isTVTOME). But in the summers we watch movies.(Last summer we had tons of old tapes with things we tape in the mid-90's to watch.) But this summer it will be only movies. We don't get to see more than about 10 or 15 movies at the theatres so we like to tape of cable. First I check zap2it for movie listing on everyday. You can customize it to just show movies. You can check just the channels you want to see. Lastly you can View it as a text instead of a grid. It has a summary of every movie for 6 hours on one page. When I see a movie I like I search for it on The Internet Movie Database. This is the BEST movie site on the web. You can custom search by, rating, genre, plot, keyword,language, year made, country made,and much more here. You can browse but release date here. They have every movie, TV show, actor, actress, producer ect. Just type it in to the search. For most movies they point you to there trailer. You can customize your own list of movies and categorize them. There are summaries, rating, and review on each movie. Once I decide if I want to see a movie I add it to my list and Copy and paste it to Yahoo! TV. It show If it the movie is on in the next 14 days. If it is then you click on at time you can click on it then click "add to my calendar".It will appear on Yahoo! Calendar Then you can check your calendar everyday to see what you want to tape. Lastly you can also type a favorite actor or actress or director to tv-nowto see if anything they are in or do is on TV in the next several weeks.
So you can guess this takes a long time. I've allready started taping them and will start watch them this week.



I still love Photoshop. There are tons of tutorials on line. Plus I got tons of book for X-mas plus getting a new cool one for my b-day. Ihave not done it since I found blogs in mid April. I want to get back into it.


Starting Over has went into reruns but I haven't seen them. I can't handle all the mail once we start watching movies. I'm going to try to keep up.

Lastly and most sadly, reading blogs might be pushed as side. I've loved reading bdsm blogs but I just keep getting behind. Plus doing bdsm stuff daily can make me sad that I can't find our perfect bi dom third. I will try to keep up with writing my blog I hope you will keep reading it. I'm going to try to read the 5 ones that I know read mine. Nicki, Confused, Aiyanna, Invida, and D`Anerah. As well as the spanking Blog, La fessee and the sex blog as often as I can. Again I'm sorry I just can't handle all my interest. I still want too read them but I want to do other things too.

Still no word since last time.
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