Saturday, July 17, 2004

Mood: neutral
Health:Stomach cramps lately
Diet:Not to good today. m&m and pint of low carb ice cream was 2 things to much.
Alcohol: none
Watching: Fixing to watch Starting Over
Listening To:Conan On TV
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Recent Important Entries:

Monday, July 12, 2004 SATURDAY'S SEX BDSM NIGHT
Wednesday, July 07, 2004 JULY 4TH WEEKEND WAS GREAT
Saturday, July 17, 2004 BLOGGING


know blogging should be done for youself, but I really think alot of us
do it to share our lives with others. It hurts when you type a big long
story you think others would be interested in or is important to you
then get no response. I know from reading others blogs that I'm not the
only one. I realize peope can't read everyday. There maybe even several
weeks you can't find time to read. So what do you do when you finally
get back on? Do you read the last entry and go on or do you go back to
where you left off and catch up? I think if you read a persons blog you
are interested in there life and would want to know everything that's
gone on while your away. But I feel others may only read the last
entry. I put 2 imortant entries


Wednesday, July 07, 2004 JULY 4TH WEEKEND WAS GREAT
about exciting times that each took 2 hours to write then a
couple of unimportant one . Most people only commented on the
unimportant ones. Which made me wonder if they even read the important
ones. Do they only read the newest ones or frist section of an entry(
see how todays blog has 3 sections)? Do they only read the short ones?
OR do they not care about the big important days. That's  why I wait a few days after an important blog to write again, so that everyone will get a chance to see it. To me days I go out
to fun thing ( which you know I rarely go out except the store) and
time where I talk about SPANKING, AND SEX
isn't often) are important to me. I hope for lots of feed back on these
but are often disappointed when I don't here from my friends. I always
catch up on all the people blogs that read mine. The first 16
(randomness and above)blogs only my spank sex list on this page I try
to stay caught up on. Granted the last 3 I still haven't caught up on
sunce june 16 th. But I'm working on it. I'm also way behind on e-mail
I delete a bunch but still have 1037 since June 25th. But things are
calm here now and I'm making progress. I know most of you don't have as
much time as I do for free time. That's one reason I put Recent
important entries on the top of each blog. I'll try not to leave them
up for ever just long enough that I convinved everyone got a
chance to read them.
I also
hope you like the rest og the stuff I put on the top. It will give you
a quick view of my state of mind while writing it. Also BLOGGER has
made some changes as you can see. Bigger type, color type, gumnx change font, ect. Should be cool.
all know I've been interested in movies lately. Well, now I have a new
interested( like I need more, like I don't have to many now, like I
have time. Oh well.) I'm into watch short free indepentant film you can
watch online. Most are dumb but there are so gems. Here are the two
best sites I've found and Enjoy.
night Hubby and I are going to spend the night with some friends of
ours. They just got married valentines day and now they are moving out
of state. It maybe the last time we see them. It will be fun we're
taking beer and some couple games( like the nmewlywed game). We are
going to order out.

Next Friday July 23 about 8 AM until Monday July 26th about 2PM Hubby
will be away on his Fishing trip(remember they got the boat free
because the captain didn't go where the fishing was good because he was
to worried about big waves.) And I'll be ALONE,ALONE,ALONE . YES
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Hubby but unlike most couples we are
together 24/7. So I really love being alone sometimes. Not have a
soul to worry about(except the 3 animals of course.) Do what I want
without a schedule. I
thought about having Smackavillie over but I really want to spend the
whole time alone this time. I got lots of good special food to eat.
Fuck the Diet. Hubby's have fun so will I. Hubby said I could try a
online game where you can get rape, pregant or sexual desease. Weird
HUH. But As I said recently I do have a rape fantasy. The game is only
3 bucks. The info is on the side colum of the blog under online games.
Anyway it will be nice.

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