Friday, July 23, 2004

Mood:good time for alone time
Weather:cool for july in texas
Diet:don't ask( but it's vacation time for me even though I'm not going anywhere. Hubby is going on a trip for fun. I'm having a good time here
Acohol: Can't wait for some tomorrow, and Saturday night and Sunday night LOL
Watching: VH-1 Country Video
Listening To:Skydiving Tim mcgraw
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Monday, July 12, 2004 SATURDAY'S SEX BDSM NIGHT
Wednesday, July 07, 2004 JULY 4TH WEEKEND WAS GREAT
Saturday, July 17, 2004 BLOGGING


there dosen't seem to be anyone around. I know I changed one word of Tiffany's song. LOL But I'm alone now. Hubby went off on his fishing trip about 7AM and wil be gone until Monday about 2pm . It's nice to be be alone where I only have to worry about me(and the pets ofcourse). What wil I do? Hmm so many options. Will I pig Out? Hell Yes! Will I sleep alot? Hell yes! Will I masterbate? Hell yes! (Already did) Will I spank Myself?Hell yes! (Already did) Will I drink beer? Hell Yeah! Will I take sleeping pills? Hell Yes! I ready Did) Will I smoke some pot? Problably hadn't done it in a long time.WeWill I get my mail caught up? Not likely. I might try but I still have over 1000 pieces of mail and I don't want to spend the whole time reading mail. Will I watch Movies? Yep! My goal is 6. Will I watch the spanking movies I mention below? Maybe. Will I watch so short indepentant film like I've talk about before? Maybe. Will I watch prono and real Spanking Clips? Maybe. Will I watch Starting Over? Yes I have 1 episode to watch. Will I watch All My Children? If I remember I have 3 to watch on sundays mara-ton. Will I listen to music? Hell yes I'm doing it now. Will I take a nice long hot bath with my favorite oil. Yes!. Will I try the new online game SocialtronI told you about before? Most likely. Will I play RollerCoaster tycoon. I'd like to but doubt I'll have time. Will I do photoshop? I'd like to but doubt I'll have time. Will I clean? Hell NO! ok minimal stuff. Dishes cat box ect. Will I play Neopets? Yes but problably just the daily and hourly stuff (spin the gift wheels, buried treasure and scratch off lotto tickets ect)that I do 3 times a day but only takes a few minutes. Will I read any spanking/sex stories? I doubt i will.Will I see anyone? I hope not. I hope no one stops by. I doubt they will. Will I watch the many movies trailers I have booked marked to watch? Maybe. Will I play the Sims? No.Will I keep up with reading my blogs? problably but not sure.Will I talk to anyone on the phone? Yes hubby not sure if anyone else will call. Will I talk to anyone though IM yes already have but mostly peple from In away I don't want to talk to anyone but in away I do. I doubt I turn it off but I'll mostly keep it on busy.Will I write again? doubtful but yo never know. Will I miss hubby? Yeah I'm sure I'll be missing him by Sunday evening.Well I'm off to have fun.
Three spanking bdsm things going on here now even though I haven't gotten any thing for real :(
1. A guy we met for a threesome years a go has contacted me. He wants to get together again. We had some fun when we saw him last but he had a lot going on in his life then and it ended a one night stand. Hopefully things are better for him now. We are problably going to have him over.
2 . I've been a member of for a long time but always waited for people to contact me for threesomes but never persused others. Well I started looking around the site the other day and found out how to invite people to your net work. I've learned how to easyly earn points so I can look at people profile. So I've invite alot of local people seeking couple to join my network in hpe the will read about me and contact me if they are interested. I've been there a lot lately. One guy is really interested and has sent in my form. He mets my requirements. But we haven't chatted yet, I've gotten about 8 IMs from guys from the site.
3. If anyone is interested in seeing spanking on TV on shows and movies spankingmoviestv yahoo group is for you. Three great things there. First, Once a month a cool woman post a list of every tv show and movie on tv and cable that has a spanking on it for the whole month. All you have to do is look them up on yahoo! Tv and click add to put them on a yahoo calender. Secondly, in the files of the group and the sister groups have clips of many movie and tv spankings. NO PORN TYPE STUFF. And lastly of course the chat about tv and movie spankings.
It's a cool newgroup.

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