Friday, July 30, 2004

Mood:Happy about somethings(see below) but still fill guilty about not working, and still not having the house unbacked. 
Health: normal
Weather: rain rain rain about 12 inches in 2 days. Cool for July in Texas. We got only one day over 100 degrees
Diet: so so back on it except for finshing off some chips......ok there finshed ok maybe now i can try harder,
Acohol: non since sunday non for a while in the furture see below.
Watching: Starting Over
Listening To: samething i'm watching lol
Interest of the Day:, spankingmoviestv, yahoogroupMovies, Starting Over, Starting Over, NewsGroups, BDSM Newsgroups, BDSM Blogs, Short Interenet Films, PhotoShop
Recent Important Entries:
 Monday, July 12, 2004 SATURDAY'S SEX BDSM NIGHT
 Wednesday, July 07, 2004 JULY 4TH WEEKEND WAS GREAT
 Saturday, July 17, 2004 BLOGGING

Hubby had a great trip. They caught lots of fish, drank a lot, went to a beach party, did lots of girl watching, even smoked some pot with his friends. So what did I do well I'll answer the same way I told you what I might do so if you didn't like that you may skip to the next header where I tell about who came over Saturday night.
 DID I pig Out? Hell Yes!   Did I sleep alot? Hell yes! But not to good Sunday night. Did I masterbate? Hell yes!  Did I spank Myself?Hell yes!  Did I drink beer? Hell Yeah! Did I take sleeping pills? Hell Yes! Did I smoke some pot? Yes, Thank god I put a blanket on the couch or I would have burned a hole in the couch instead of the blanet LOL I didn't get very high or drunk DidI get my mail caught up? LOL Hell No I've got 1436 now. Did I watch Movies? Yep! yes 7 that weekend10 in the last week. Did I watch the spanking movies I mention below? I don't think I did then but I have some since then. Did I watch so short indepentant film like I've talk about before? No. Did I watch prono and real Spanking Clips? Nope. Did I watch Starting Over? Yes. Did I watch All My Children? yes Didl I listen to music? Hell yes about 50 song i think.Did I take a nice long hot bath with my favorite oil. Yes!skin so soft by avon and johnson's baby oil. I was so oily. Did I try the new online game SocialtronI told you about before? Yes it was ok but i didn't talk to anyone. My character is a hooker and can pose in many sex positions. I didn't play much but a one year subscription is 3 dollars. So I have plenty of time. DID I play RollerCoaster tycoon. No! Did I do photoshop? No. Did I clean? Hell NO! ok minimal stuff. Dishes cat box ect. Did I play Neopets? Yes  just the daily and hourly stuff (spin the gift wheels, buried treasure and scratch off lotto tickets ect)that I do 3 times a day but only takes a few minutes. Did I read any spanking/sex stories? no. Did I see anyone? Yes the kids next door brought over some Watermelon and then there was the mystery guest(see Below). Did I watch the many movies trailers I have booked marked to watch? no not many at least. Did I play the Sims? No.Did I keep up with reading my blogs? Yep I pretty much kept up and added some new links to mine.Did I talk to anyone on the phone? Yes hubby and the mystey guest below. Did I talk to anyone though IM? yes  but mostly peple from I write again? yes. Did I miss hubby? Yep like I said I got pretty lonely Sunday night.
  So there you have it.
Yep, most of you guessed right it was Smackavillie. He raped me again with concent of course. He called and he wanted to come over. I waviered then said ok. He took me to the store first. Then we played. This time the rape was more harsh. We didn't have to worry about waking up hubby. He pulled my hair alot well you know controled me by it. My head hurt later. Lucky he knows the different in stop(i'm playing) and STOP!(i'm serious) There were several times I had to stop him because of pain or just not liking what he did. We stopped once so he could give me an enema. Only my second one. Once he told me to say"my pussy is all mine" Well I knew what he meant I said "my pussy is all yours" But he didn't respond and told me again. Well what could I do? I said " My pussy is all MINE" he just cracked up and we had stop. He said "you got me there, you said what I told you." I liked when he made me move up on the bed by push hard in my pussy. He was moving me on purpose. We did have regular sex with the extender toy and a condom. Lots of beating and biting me. He finally gave me my birtday spanking. We ate and I kick him out so I could be alone the rest of the time. And yes I told hubby everything. I had ask him if it was ok just in case I changed my mind.
Like I've said before Hubby and I have been trying to find a bi dom here in town. Over the last few month we found some maybes but i really were doubtful. Then a few weeks ago I sent alot of guys on invitions to join my network. Since then I've chatted with 3 very good canidates. They are all ture doms I believe and bi. 2 actully live fort worth. I really feel good about them. Hopefully at least one will work out. As for the guy that we had met along time ago that wants to meet again. I'm doubting how bi he really is cause he said" I don't mind" giving oral to a guy " as long as I get something in return" DON"T MIND??????? We want someone who enjoys and loves it. The guys seem to.
Today hubby and I offically started to having a baby again. Things are calm again from summer vacations and holidays. So no more beer and pot for me.  Know if only I can get my lazy ass in gear and finsh unpacking after 3 damn years. Sigh

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