Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ok since my friends D`Anerah and aiyana have done it I'll jump on the band wagan too.

What is your name? ButterCreamKinkyKisses
What would you rather be called?Jozie
Have you ever cheated on anyone? Sadly, yes.
What attracts you the most to the opposite sex? Eyes and smile
What colour is your hair? Red - now but normally brown
Do you wear panties or jocks? panties white cotton granny style i live for confort
What is your favourite food? pizza with garlic butter, chicken, pepperonni, itian sauage, breakfast bacon and tons of chedder
What flavour ice cream do you like the most? ben and jerry's twice baked or everything but the..
What is under your bed?my plug in vibratiors, dust, cat hair.

What is your favourite colour? royal blue and bright yellow together
What music do you like? Contry, 70's, 80's, pop
Do you prefer on top or the bottom? bottom always i like to be controled.
Do you like soft or hard kisses? I'm weird i'm not much of a kisser. I never thought about it. I guess both can be good but I ususally like things hard.
Have you ever lied? Yes but I rarely do except white lies like I like your shirt when i don't
Have you ever had sex in public? Once at the japanese gardens but only gave him oral.
Have you ever watched anyone have sex? only porn and hubby and another guy
Did you like it? indifferent.
Do you keep secrets well? no
What is the hardest secret you have had to hold? not telling hubbies family about our lifestyle.
Do you like kinky sex? duh
Do you believe in god? Yes, he is my savior.
Why did you do this quiz? I like people to know about me.
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