Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Things have finally settled down from hubbies vacation week and going to my sis-in-laws for fourth of july weekend.I'm so far behind. I haven't read anyone blogs since June 16th. I've got about 2050 pieces of mail I'm on June 26th. It's all yahoogroup mail. I go though it daily for personal mail. I'm in tons of groups, too many. I'll problably delete some or most of it when I get all my Starting Over Shows caught up. Hubby and I are about caught out on our shows( just over a day behind. I've got yesterday's and today's All my Children and Starting over until my shows are caught up but due to tennis I missed all last week of Starting Over but some one is mailing me tapes to see them all. When I get those watch I may delete some mail but I've bbeen reading as much as I can. Life gets back to nornal I don't have anything big to do for a long time. Saturday we may have Smackavillie over. I need to call and ask him tonight or tomorrow. Hubby is going fishing July 23 to 26th so I'll have to get him ready Then I'll have the time alone. I'm not planning on have smackavillie over this time. Besides that I have pretty much no plans for july and august Except my Mother-in-laws birthday is Aug. 13th. Oh yeah I started back on my diet today. Boo!!!!!!!! I weight about 207. I had gotten down from about 208 to 200 but then gain back the last few weeks of enjoying my holiday. But at least I didn't add the seven pounds to the 208 making it 215 right. I won't have any excuses except the above to cheat. We pig out when Smack is here and I will pig out and enjoy myself when hubby can have fun on his trip.


I'm including all of july so far as the weekend .
Thursday Hubby and I watched a movie Personal Velocity. It was a look into 3 women's lives. It was pretty good except there was no connection in the lives and no real point. I gave it a 4 out of 10.
Then hubby finally gave me my birthday SPANKING. I told him to tell me to count them. See that's about how the dom thing works around here. At one point though iI said owww. He said I didn't say to say owww. So now we have to start. He gave me 34 swats with the paddle with me counting and trying not to say owww.I hate it when they do that.LOL. (Hubby has done it once before and Smackavillie did it once.) LOL after that he gave me many more for fun. I don't know how many though.
Friday hubby went to get so X-rays and get the handicap placards he couldn't get a week ago. I ggot everything packed and ready to go. We watched a movie called Hart's war with Bruce Willis. I started thinking it was all going to be battle scence but was happy to find out it was only in the beginning. Most of the movie takes place in a prison camp. I really liked it. I gave it a 7 out of 10.
My Sis-iin-law and niece(13) picked us up. We went to get some greocies fot Saturday. I got some new blush and eye shadow as well as some of my favorite chips ritz sour cream ans onion chips. We rented a movie Mystic River( I didn't like it. Gave it a 3 out of 10). And went buy Kentucky fried chicken. I ate 4 thighs, macroni, and a biscut.
Saturday July 3rd was our big day. We celebrate July 4th on July 3rd. We went to the Bedford Boys Ranch. They have a small water park, some rides, a kids park, food, a place for a concert. We had a blast. First we went to the water park. They had a lift so hubby got to swim. He's only been swimming 2 times since I met him in 1991 and the other time was in 1991. He loved it. He has to wear an intertube around him. There was 2 kinda big slide. One I went down 3 times the other only once. The last one the bottom was shaped like a bowl and you swirl around the bottom. I didn't like it because I came off head first and water pours out on top of you and I couldn't breath. We ate lunch.I had a sandwhich, chips and a snickers ice cream bar. For breakfast that morning I had 2 sauage in biscuts. After we ate we went to the rides. My niece and I played some carnaval games. I though darts at balloons and actully hit them I was shocked. I won a tiny bear in a wizard suit. I also played another game enough to get a doctor Suess hat/ I've always wanted one. Them my niece and I rode the tiny bummper cars and the ride that makes you stick to the side and the floor drops out. SIL and I rode the kamakazee. The one that goes upside down. I like upside down rides but I won't ride that again. You literly come out of your seat. I could have switched seats. Then we went back to the water park until it was time for the concert and fireworks. The water park also had a small lazy river. We went to find a place to sit for the concert an fireworks. We bought some food. Hubby and I shared a hambugar, funnel cake and ice cream cone. My niece and I went to a place where you could make your own july 4 th hats. The power went out and we couldn't use the glue guns for a long time. We made the hats mine looked stupid but oh well it was free. Finally the concert started. It was a band called AmbrosiaThey are popular but I don't know them. They were good. Then the fireworks were great. Fire works seem so much better than when I was young. They now have more colors in each one. They had so circle ones that fires off alot the the float around banging into each other. reminded me of a video game. They also had some shaped like hearts and stars which went off right when the sais stars and love in the songs playing.
Sunday SIL went and got donuts for breakfast. I had too. a sauage one and chocolate coved one. Then we went to see Spider-man 2. It was good but I don't think it was as good as the first one. I gave it a 8 out of 10. I had popcorn, a candy bar and a hot dog . We went out to eat after the movies. A mexican food place hubby and I wanted to try. It was terrible. Even hubby said the food was nasty and he rarely complains about food. I had a taco and two enchillas. Gross we won't be going there again.We were going to sit outside our house and watch the illegal fireworks(there was alot)but the mesquitos were too bad.
When we got home I went next door and got the neihbors dog. He had left friday and left the dog out side in the july heat alone all weekend.I got it Sunday and he pick up the dog last night.
Not much happened monday but yesterday I got my photoshop book I told you I ordered on june 23. It's cool. It's called photoshop for right-brainer: the art of photo manipilation. I looked at it and the cd ( it had a few free brushes, and styles as well as all the pics in the book so you can work though it.) I download some styles from a page the book recommended and did a little bit of other photoshop stuff. but never opened the actual program.
Last night BIG BROTHER AND AMAZING RACE started. In away that seems to make the beginning of the real summer TV season(which isn't much but gets better every year. ome day I don't think they will show reruns in the summer at all just special summer series.)
Today hubby told me his wheelchair is acting funny. That's all we need is for it to break down. We are broke and in debt from all the going. Hopefully we can get the credit card payed off before it dose break down.

Like I said before summer time is movie time for us. I'm going to keep track on all the movies we see starting June 1st to both sept 21 and when we have so many tapes of fall tv shows we now we won't have time for movies again until next summer. Which will happen in Sept. When both of those pass I'll total up the number and will post a list here of all the movies I was. Right now I'm up to 21 movies.
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