Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Mood: Having fun
Health: pretty good
Weather: nice
Diet: lol
Acohol: soon i don't think i'm pregnant. I'll have a few before we start trying again. Once I know for sure I'm not of course
Watching: oympics
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Interest of the Day: Sims2 body shop, Sims 2, Sims 2 yahoogroups, Photohop, Roller Coaster Tycoon 1, 2, 3
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SIMS 2 BODYSHOP(photoshop and obsessive compulsion too)
With exactly one month left until Sims 2 is release I went surfing for info on it yesterday. I had already downloaded the Sims 2 bodyshop and played with it a little but didn't have any download things in it so didn't much get into it. Well yesterday I found downloadable things for it. And as usual I got obsessed with it. (when I got in to sims 1 I had download every object, skin, house etc I could find. When I got into roller coaster Tycoon I had to download ever track, senerio, park I could find. When I got into photoshop I downloaded every filter, brush, style, action., texture, Etc. I could find. When I got into blogs I bookedmarked every bdsm blog I could find. When I got into Starting Over I joined every starting over Yahoogroup I could find. Any new interest I join all the yahoogroups I can find. Ok you get the picture I'm obsessive compulsive.) Anyway the sims 2 body shop allow you to make or download your Sim complete with different skin tones, hair style and color, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, costume make up,eye color, clothes, ( everyday, formal, pj's,sleepwear, swimwear, althic wear) hats, glasses, beard, eyebrows. You can change the shape and sizeof the face, brow, eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw. You can work with male, female, toddler, child, teen, adult, or elderly. There are tons of opitions you didn't have in the first on. Every since I started photoshop I knew how to skin(create clothes or faces or now all the other stuff using the .bmp files and photoshop or simalar program) but never tried. Today I created my first clothes. I took a nightshirt that was pre-made and put a photo of my dog on it. Then I took the same shirt and changed the colors of it. I exported them into the program and they worked fine. So now I'm a Skinner. I'm sure these files will import into the game when it comes out Sept. 17th. It's a lot of fun to play with without the game and is free. You can download it here at the sims site. Also you can download great hair, clothes, make-up, skin tones, etc here at the sims site and here at the sims resouces. The game will be about 50 bucks. I can't wait.
I've never like reading much. I mean reading is interesting but not really fun. Since I've become interested in something new I've decided to give up on some old hobbies. Reading BDSM Blogs, BDSM Yahoogroups, and Starting Over yahoogroups have been interesting but not that fun. I've been kind bored and depressed lately. I always feel like I have to get my mail and Blogs caught up. I had over 2000 pieces of mail. I need a change. I'm a creative person. I like games like Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon were I can use my creativity to build and design. I like being creative in photoshop and learn it though tutorials. These things are fun to me. I haven't done any of these things since I got into bdsm blogs in March. I'm not good at having many interest at once. So I decided to stop reading blogs( I may read those of my friends that read mine when I can) and yahoogroups. I delete my 2000+ pieces of e-mail and put almost all my groups on no mail(I kepy the spankingtvmovie groups and paddled at school. No starting groups. I'll problably start them back up when the new season starts Sept. 13th.) I just hope you all understand why I won't be read blogs much anymore. I will keep writing on mine though. So please keep reading. I'll keep in informed in my search for a dom, my play with Smackavillie and Sir, whatever else I i'm up to. And of course I'll let you know if I get pregnant. I'm off to play now.
love buttercream

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