Monday, August 23, 2004

Another very accurate test. Notice I got S&M not Submission which is a possible answer.Take the quiz: "What Is Your Kink?"

Pain is your thing. You probably are tattooed or pierced, or enjoy giving tattoos or piercings. You use unusual objects as sex toys. In the bedroom, you're wild and untamed! Your motto is Hurts so good!
Just a quick note
Mood: Obsessive compulsive
Health: ok
Weather: we've only had one day over 100 degrees this summer
Diet: lol
Acohol: yes but I know I'm not pregnant
Watching: nothing
Listening To: nothing
Interest of the Day: photoshop, sims 2, jounals
Recent Important Entries:
Links: About Me MY PERSONAL AD My Deviantart homepage My Art Work My Photos My Sims 2 Skins My Neopets Gallery My Buttercream cake Gallery My Deviant art Jounal My Dog Tia's page My Sticker page My pic Recent My bridal shot Our wedding portrait MY Baby(dog) Tia MY cat Cyber MY cat Callie
MY Gallery

First I just want to say I'm not pregnant this month. Oh well better luck next time. Second I'm having a great time with Sims 2 bodyshop and photoshop. Skinning my own clothes is fun. I added a link to where you can see the clothes I created here. You can also see my other photoshop creations here. My personal photos are Here. I also added my Neopets favorite stuff gallery here and my buttercream cake gallery here. And you can always find out everything about me here I made a few other changes in additions to my personal links and added them to my daily entry prest. Enjoy.

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