Tuesday, August 17, 2004

My best paddle is broke. It was a thick sold paddle. I can't believe it broke. I don't know if it was from the spanking Sir gave me with or something else like getting slammed in the drawer. I bet the spanking at least weakened it. I knew it was a hard one. Sir said it wasn't that hard. Now Hubby can't spank me. He can only use heavy things and that's all we had except a hair brush neither of us likes it as much. It's too light for him and too me it's more sting than impact. I preffer impact over sting. plus I don't expect it to last using it on a regular bases. We already broke one just like it. I do have a couple of other things but they hurt too much. I don't know when we can afford another or if another would be as good. Anyone got any suggestions on good ones and where to buy online. Please read my last post if you haven't already.

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