Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Someone wrote this in my blog.
"Don't you want EVERYTHING Upstairs in Heaven? Everything possible and then SummoreSquared? Flying, roller-coaster-rides, skiing, fireworks, warmth, passion, friends... ? However, we FIRST need to repent to BE Upstairs when this brief candle of earthly life flickers-out."
This was my response
Last time I looked the Bible said not to judge people. You have no right to judge me. That's God's job not yours. I believe I will go to heaven because I except Jesus as my personal Savior and have been baptised. I do not feel bdsm is wrong with your spouse. Why Is enjoying pain wrong? No more wrong than enjoying sex. As for beening with more than one person. I'm not doing it behind my husband's back. I'm not cheating. And why is it wrong to love more than one person. I guess your problably one of those people who think nudity is wrong too. A nude body is Art, God's art. We would all be walking around nude now if it wasn't for sin. God make nudity wrong for guilt of man sin. He made us feel guilty for being nude. I don't feel guilty being nude or seeing nudity because I know that is how he orignally intended it. As for my sins I know I will pay for my sins but we all sin Even you. Let the one without sin cast the first stone.My relationship with God is between him and I no one else. So quit preaching to my and tend to you own business and sins.

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