Sunday, September 12, 2004

Mood: Mixed Emotions
Health: Good
Weather: Nice
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Watching: General Hospital
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Interest of the Day: Starting Over, Sims 2, Photoshop, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, Fall tv shows
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Yes, I'm still alive.Can't believe it's been two weeks since I update you. Been kinda busy. As busy as a person with no job, no kids, and that never hardly leaves the house can be. Things in my life seem so trival to things in other peoples lives. I get depressed over little things and I get excited over little things. But none of it's important in the big picture..........but here goes anyway.
Yep I've been busy. I'll give you the day by day blow. Week before last I took care of Mrs.S's dog. The dog is really old, couldn't see well, walk well, he stunk from the heat of leaving him out and spilling water on himself. He was very matted and messy. Mrs. S is moving so she decided she couldn't pick up the dog so with her permission we called animal control. Problaby the best thing for him. He needed to be put down. Mrs. S has moved to Kentucky. It was a crazy hard ride for them and us supporting them as well. They gave up their jobd, home, pets, friends, and family to move where the had no job, home friends, family. It mostly for his health but the fact that they had no car and she's in a wheelchair made things tougher. We will miss her. Monday Tues. and Wed. That week I cleaned house. Including som extra stuff getting ready doing the rooms. Drawers mostly. Thursday Sir came over. He took me to get some Chicken for hubby and I to party that night. I got both KFC and Popeye's.(they are close together and we like stuff from both). I decided I like KFC better. We went back home, talked alot and yes we had sex(anal ofcourse since I'm trying to get pregnant). Sex was a lot better this time a better position. The only thing wrong was that I didn't get SPANKED. GRRRRRRRRR! No we just didn't have time. Friday believe it or not Smackavillie came over. (both Sir and Smackavillie knows about each other. I've never been one for secrets.) We were going to watch the Hannibal Lector trilogy but sometime was wrong with our DVD player. We called Hubby's friend that put it together. He came over and brought his cute little granddaughters. But they lost one of my only expensive pair of earrings. Lucky I found it later. The DVD player was fixed temporarly. But too late to watch the trilogy. Damn Smackavillie came early too. We did have sex(anal ofcourse since I'm trying to get pregnant) and he did spank me. I started acting like I didn't want to so he could rape me but he stopped me in my tracks when he said. Does it always have to be that way with you now. Of course I felt bad and said it didn't. Anyway it was pretty good. Saturday I had to clean up again.Sunday... well.. you remember how I was upset my Aunt and Uncle didn't make it to my birthday cuz it was father's day and he said we'd have a cook-out. I said they'd never call. Well I was wrong. He did call and we had a cook-out Sunday. Family was soppose to come down. well the did but they got the days wrong and couldn't stay the night. My sister-in-law took us. My niece was at Six Flags. It was nice. I learned some things about my crazy cousin. She an Atheist and used to worship the devil. I knew she was weied.
Ok another week a new paragraph finally. Monday I rested. Tuesday I was bummed cause I had to go to the denist by myself on friday. You know I have a socialphobia especially things like going to a new denist by myself the first time.I did get the Fall preview tv guilde that day and went though the new shows. MMMM kinda a bunch of boring nw shows only a few I'm looking forward to. Wednesday I baby sat. They couple ask my questions like what do you do al day? your hubby is ok with that? Do you drink soda's all day? Oh that really made me feel good? makes me feel terrible and Lazy. Thursday not much happen moped all day. Friday after debating rather to go to the denist or wait until our scheduled appointment in JAN. I fought with my inner self for day but decided to over come my fears and be an adult and went. But shouldn't have. I had two teeth bother me and I had to choose one cuz they could only look at one. They found nothing wrong with that one. Maybe the could have done something if I said the other one. Maybe I'm a hypocondriac. Oh well at least it didn't cost us anything.
Yesterday was a good day. Just little things again. But I get excited over little things. I tape an episode of my favorite show Starting Over. It wasn't even suppose to be on but i decide to tape it just incase. It happen to show one of the most important repeats I missed. the one where Jozie had het baby. Then I actully was a goo girl and worked on the rooms. One room looks like it did when i stopped working both has gotten worst. Still got to put up book, knick knacks and pictures. I found something I was looking for too. I had a folder with some of my favorite song titles and I've been thinking of making a list of all my favorite songs to post here.. So I was am glad I found it.Then I found out Techtv or Gforce whatever has put back up the photoshop video tutorial they had took down. There was one I really wanted to to so I'd been bummed about it. But I rushed to do that tutorial last night. Link to it below. Today not much happened. Just spilted all my eggs I cooked all over the floor. Hubby went and got more. and I fixed them but of course they weren't as good as the small bit that stuck to the pan i tried from the first batch.
Things to come. I'm so excited about many things to come during the next 2 weeks. Starting Over's new season starts tomorrow. Plus we get a extra hour a preview show. I should also get my Sims2 book tomorrow. Next monday I should get Sims 2 the game. Plus that day Roller coaster Tycoon 3 Demo comes out. I'm also excited about the fall tv season starting. Oh yeah in about amonth Hubby and my Sis-in-law both get vacation. We are going over her house several days and will go many places including Six Flags, State fair, Bible Museum. and who knows where. Well I plan to try to keep working o the room too. So I'll be very busy and may not have much time to write.
Here is my three new pics. here, here, and here.
Tonight I'm praying for someone and their child cause the child got badly hurt
for my family in Flordia and the other people effect by the hurricanes
for the suviors and family of lost people of 9/11 as I did yesterday
for mrs. S and her hubby as they try to settle in in new lives.
For my sister-in-law as she trys to find love 2 year after her hhubby passed
for my hubby's neck to get well.
for all my loved ones, people in pain and elderly.
God bless them all.
IF I WERE ... I'D BE A..
If I were on some body's face i'd be a smile
a bird..lovebird
musical instrument...piano
astrological body....milkyway
rock....rocking chair or rock n'roll
a real rock....obsidian
team...cheering team
part of a car...the back seat
a flower.. yellow rose,or orange tiger lily
a smell... buttercream icing, vanilla or lavnander
a shoe..a tennis shoe
a light... light house
book ... a diary or photoshop book
part of a chinese dinner....fortune cookie
a piece of music.......a song that means a lot to many people
part of a mall....candy shop
a puzzle....a jigsaw puzzle or maze
a traffic signal...a green light
a piece of gym equiment...trampoline
an appliance...a microwave
a band...a country band or band-aid
in a deck of card...queen of hearts
on a hand...a ring
something to sleep on....a soft cushy cozy bed
a seafood dish...shrimp alferdo
a cirus worker...a clown or trapeze artist
a tool....a ruler or hammer
winter fun...sledding
a hat....a cowboy hat or denim cap
a cookie..........chocolate chip cookie
in a medicine cabnet....sleeping pills
a boat...a sail boat or speed boat
a laugh....a giggle
part of a day on the beach....the blue sky
a telephone response....a wrong number
a fruit...a coconut
part of a cat...eyes or purr
part of a dog..wagging tail
a flying object...a hot air balloon or bird
a fastener...velcro
a house...log cabin
a hairdo...a shag
an insect...ladybug or firefly
a candy...cotton candy or m&m's or milky way
an art supply.....paint
illness....a headache (stupid question)
worked at an airport..........pilot
part of a sentance....question mark
a TV show.....a soap opera or drama
an amusement park ride...a roller coaster
a clock on night stand
an egg...scrambled or, or faberge or confetti egg
a noise...a laugh, whisper or music
a spice....garlic or cinnamon
on a world map...a lake
mild tramatic experience......a missed tv show
on the calender...valentines day or christmas
a supernatural character....unicorn
Date....... November 11th 1111
day of the week : Thursday or Saturday
time of day : 11:11 AM
planet : Saturn
direction : South
liquid : Diet Dr. Pepper
stone : rare one
tree : weeping willow
bird : colorful parrot
tool : hammer
plant : fern
kind of weather : Snow
historical figure : Laura Ingalls Wilder
mythical creature : Unicorn
animal : some sort of Wild cat,
sea animal : Dolphin
color : Royal blue or bight yellow
emotion or mood : Pleasure
musical instrument : piano
sound : children playing but not too loud
element : fire
car : A blue sports car with a yellow lighting bolt
song : "Butterfly kisses"
sin : Lust
movie directed by: Steven Speilberg
comic strip character : Betty Boop
piece of furniture : a featherbed
vegetable : broccoli
food : butter cream icing
place : Disney land
material : denim
taste : butter cream icing
scent : vanilla
religion : Christianity
word : fun
object : computer
body part : here use your imagination
facial expression : smile
subject in school : Art
cartoon character : Betty Boop
shape : heart
number : eleven

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