Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mood: good
Health: good but hurt foot
Weather: nice for Jan
Diet: uh.....................well..............
Acohol: none for a few day but tomorrow wine and beer saturday
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Interest of the Day: getting my house unpacked and finished, sims2. rct 3, photoshop, yahoogroups mail, starting over
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Well yes I’m still alive. Been so busy. It may not be busy to most but to me it’s been very busy. As I said last time I wrote I was looking forward to the new fall TV season, Starting Over (my favorite TV show) starting up again, and Roller Coaster tycoon 3 and Sims 2 coming out. Well all that was great but haven’t had much time to enjoy the games. Remember Mr. And Mrs. S? The ones whose dog I kept. Well they decided to come back home and they are staying here at our house until the get settled in a house. Things are working out well and moving along for them pretty fast. But since they were coming I had to get off my lazy ass and get some of my rooms done. YES! I’ve finally got to it. But I only got one done and some of another. I got 3 book shelves filled, all my knick knacks (figurines) put up, all my pictures up on the walls( Yes!! No more staring at blank walls), all my (non- book) boxes unpacked, and the guest room is completely done. The other room is a big mess but once the leave I can move things in that room and finsh up.
I was also so busy with x-mas and cleaning. Christmas takes so much time. 4 day for me to decorate (3 for the tree((We have a ton of decorations including many that plug into the tree for our 6 ft tree very elaborate)) and one for outside and the rest of the inside a total of about 16 hours), 3 nights of wrapping gifts (about 9 hours), 5 days to clean real good for company (about 20 hours), 48 hours of celebrating, about 5 hours hitting after x-mass sales, a day for cleaning for new years (5 hours), another 15 hours for getting stuff ready and celebrating, 3 day undecking the halls ( 2 days taking down the tree, 1 day with the rest of the decorations, about 12 hours. So lets see 16+9=25+20=45+48=93+5=98+5=103+15=118+12=130 hours of complete time for about 35 hours of fun. This is a rough guess of course but a lot time goes into the holidays. So with cleaning, Christmas, doing the rooms, playing new games, watching the new TV season, and our guest I hope you see why I haven’t written.
The holidays were great. Thanksgiving night we went to my aunts. My sister-in-law and niece joined us. Then my niece came over Thursday and Friday night. We went back to their house Saturday night. We went to see Polar Express and had KFC that night. Sunday we had his family’s thanksgiving at her house. Christmas was great. We had my family and SIL and niece over our house Christmas Eve. Then went to mid night mass at a great liberal type church. They had dancing in the service. It was very nice. Spent the night at SIL house. I didn’t sleep that night I had dropped something on my foot and it hurt all night and still hurts. My niece who is 13 came in at 4:45 am saying Santa came. What!!!!!!!! She 13 and knows the truth about Santa. Why so damn early. Her mom made her go back to sleep awhile but I was still hurting too much. She almost gave her mom a heart attack waking her up. So we got up watch her open my niece open her gifts. Than drove an hour to my mother in laws. That was nice but the person her got my grandmother in law left early and my MIL was too drunk to take her home so we had to drive and hour to take her home and 2 hours back home. Then Hubby and I had our gift exchange, which I like to get a lot of cheap stuff from half. Com. So we had a ton open finally got to bed about 12 or 1am. My favorite gifts were bookshelves, a dust buster, and a WACOM (a drawing tablet for the PC. I also got a collar, a paddle (it’s mean more about that later) 2 BDSM books, Photoshop books, a blood pressure checker, pedometer (measures how far you walk), self esteem workbooks, Iyanla Vanzant books, a toaster, trivial pursuit games, and more. New years we had SIL and niece over 2 of their friends and Hubby’s uncle over our house. So it was quite a holiday season.
Well I don’t think Sir and us will work out. I just don’t think he’s really interested. I mean I always have to start the conversations and then he’ll answer a few times, I reply the get nothing back. This happens all the time. We set times to meet then he cancels. I didn’t hear from him for a long time then I did but I treat him like he does me. I answered him in short answers and then just stop talking like he does. I want him to see how it made me feel then I never heard from him again. Here’s how it went something like this
Him: hi
Me: hi
Him: How have you been?
Me: Fine
Him: I just want you to know I’ve been on vacation.
Me: oh
End of conversation. That was early November I think.
That’s how most of our talks go except in reverse and I ask him a question at the end and he never responds. Sometimes I think I’d like to work things out but I don’t know. Hubby doesn’t think he’s really bi. I’ve thought about IM him but I think I just send him a note with all my readers that I updated this blog and see what happen. If he doesn’t respond maybe I’ll IM him.
Smackavillie has been around. He came about once a month as usual. I called him once just to see if he could come by and change a light bulb for me. He did and that was all that happen. I guess because he can do that kind of thing he a true friend. He came over after Thanksgiving on his birthday while my niece was here. That was kind of fun. Him and my niece kind of play fought well play argued. He was here then night Mr. And Mrs. S came. That was a trip with them tired from 2 days on a bus and his mmmmmmmmmm crazy ways. We went and all 3(Hubby, Smack, and I) had some fun after they went too bed but not too much to tell from that night but I do have a day to tell about…
It was before x-mass but I already had my collar and new paddle so they got used a little early. My new paddle is thick, long and slender with no holes. I told the guy who made it. I want something that wouldn’t break and that I liked impact not sting. Well this thing WON”T break and it’s ALL impact no sting. I soon learned a little sting is good. All impact is bad. On this day Hubby and I played Dom/sub. I got to wear my collar. He spanked me with that horrid paddle for the first time. It’s a very unusual event since he can’t hold me down but that afternoon he got me crying. Really crying. I said, “I don’t like that stupid thing” LOL But of course wouldn’t you know hubby does. He can grip it good and it’s heavy so he can get a good swing. He’s only spanked me once since then with it but not as hard. The same day as the first spanking with the paddle Smackavillie came over. I had just got the guest room finished. I’m sure I got a few whacks here and there but the real fun was later. I don’t know how it started. I know Smack and I where arguing about me having to make both beds by myself (which I didn’t end up doing not completely anyway.) That might of started it. But I think hubby said I needed a spanking. I was making up the guest bed after washing the sheets cuz we can’t sleep 3 in a bed. Smack came at me and spanked me good. Oh did I mention we all were pretty drunk. Well, I was crying cuz it hurt Smack stopped then hubby said I needed more. Smack said “but she’s crying”. Hubby said,” I don’t care”. So Smack came back at me. He spanked me more. Stopped and left the room. It was the spanking most like a real spanking I ever had. They left me there crying. I left the bed half made and told Smack I’m not making both beds and went and made mine. I was mad too. I told them I wasn’t mad they spank me but cuz I was mad they wanted me to do both beds by myself when earlier smack said he’d do his or help me do both. That was true. I still think back on that spanking and smile.I rarely cry during a spanking but that day I did twice. Weird!!!!! It was a great spanking. Later Smack and I had our first time in the guest room. The first time I ever had sex in that room. I’d slept in there before but not had sex. It was a pretty fun night.
Well guess what! Guess what Sunday is? Hubby’s and my 12th wedding anniversary. Last Sunday was our anniversary of 14 years since we met. We didn’t do anything last weekend but this weekend we’re going to Olive garden Friday and the movies, starbucks and Uno’s pizza on Saturday. We’re gonna see Aviator and Lemony Snicketts. Should be fun. I haven’t been out of the house since Dec 26th.
Well that’s it for now. After Mr. And Mrs. S leave I’m going to finish the rooms. I can’t wait to put books in my 2 new books in my new bookshelves. After I do the rooms I want to work on me. I want to start my diet, exercise and do some self-improvement workbooks. I want to do some exercises here. Some are journaling exercises. So hopefully I can keep this up until then or at least work on them here. Until next time Happy new year.

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