Tuesday, March 22, 2005

day one being true to yourself define goals
I am recording my progress as I do self help workbooks.Here are the major points, questions and things to do that I interupt from the book.

1. build self esteem( define self esteem)
2. be less selfish lazy and immature.
3. deal with mom's sucide
4. get the courage to try to get a job
5. decide if trying to get pregnant is the right thing(we both have really always wanted it and been trying for years but sometimes i worry i won't be a good mother because I can be selfish, lazy and immature but i'm working on that) plus we don't have much money. but I know if you wait until you can afford it and wait until your ready it will never happen.
6. Find my father I never met.
7. finsh getting my house unpacked after 4 years here. Making progress
8. read and listen to more self help books
9. work on anger
10. lose weight
11. grow up

Change your life in 30 daysDay one A new beginning/ being true to yourself


To be true to yourself you might have to:
Give up people pleasing
Say no
Create boundaries
Speak up reignite your passion
find your purpose
let go of false friends
make new friends
find a dream job
commit to a weight lose program
Find self love
Find more satisfaction
Find peace of Mind

Being true to yourself wakes you up in the middle of the night examining areas of yourself the you have been lying to yourself and letting your soul(self down).
Define your goal. Defining it makes it real. Be specific. Be clear and thorough
Better lives include success.
When defining you goals do you want to look them up in a dictionary? Poll friends? Go blank?

When defining you goal does your answer put a smile on your face? Do you want to change it? Are you satisfied with it? Are you truthful?Who am I when answering these questions?

When fear is running you life, you will not be true to yourself
Defining a word helps to clarify what you believe
Being specific with an answer accelerates growth
Wanting a better life is really a desire to be more true to yourself
Telling the truth is an important part of discovering who you really are


1.Are you willing in to put personal integrity above a promise to another? I'm not sure. a promise to another seems important but I think I can cuz I have before.
2.Are you willing to listen to your heart while using your head? I think so.
3.Are you willing to stop lying to yourself in order to start loving yourself? I think I'm very honest with myself but yes If I am lying to my self I'm ready
4.Are you willing to be authentic even is it means being vulnerable? I think I'm already a lot of both. But in some situations you just can't be authentic.
5. Are you willing to invest in the life you have in order to get the life you want? Yes
6. You are reading this book to change your life in some way but to you know in what way? Yes
7.Being true to your self would mean….. Being who I really am And being happy with it. Changing the things I’m not happy with. Deciding Which I truly don’t like and which are just social standers.
8. If you were true to yourself you could…be happy with me, feel good about myself, and feel other look at me positive, (I know I shouldn’t care what others think. Sigh), gain pride
9.If you were true to your self you would let go of ….. negative self talk, self-hatered, self anger, shame
10. Define success: reaching you goal. Doing something you proud of.
11.You felt success when…I graduated high school, and college
12.You would be more success full if… I had a job or a child
13 what would you need to do to have a successful life? Gain Courage, Try
14. What would you have to let go of? Fear, laziness
15. Why do you get stopped and give up? Fear, laziness
16. Do you have faith in yourself and what you want? Not really
17 Is your goal attainable? Yes
18 Are you willing to risk everything? I’m not sure.
19.Would you be happy if you reached you goal? I think and hope so.
20 Are you worth it? I guess
21.Have you earned it? No
22. How will being true to yourself change your life? I’ll be happier more Confident feel better about my self
23.If you are true to yourself what are you afraid might happen? I’ll get hurt, embarrass my self.
24.What has stopped you before in becoming the best you possible? Fear and laziness.
25. Describe the you that you like to be in 30 days … happy confident secure positive
26.What are you willing to do today to be more true to yourself? Stand up for myself with a friend that I need to with. Do more self help stuff.

Things to do
Define your goals
Define Self-esteem how you feel about yourself
Define selfish lazy and immature
Selfish- wanting your way all the time
Immature- acting younger than your age not taking on adult responsibility
Lazy-spending all you time sleeping, playing on the pc and watching tv instead of working. Not putting out any energy
Define grow-up Acting you age. Taking on responsibility
Make pro and con list of having a baby.
Bring a life in to the world
So cute
Experience of it
Sharing love
I love children
Fulfilling family
Carry on family name
Contributing to the world
Joy of being a parent
Give up freedom
Give up laziness
Examine why I get angry
Deciding which things I don’t like about me I truly don’t like and which are just social standers.
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