Sunday, March 20, 2005

A fun weekend

Mood: good
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Weather: nice
Diet: lol
Acohol: some lately but no more for a month anyway
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Interest of the Day: self help, starting over
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This weekend was a fun weekend. Hubby took a long weekend for Saint Patrick's day First we went to the book store where I looked at self-help books. I didn't buy any didn't have the money. I rote down so good ones to look up on or to download on bearshare. Then we met a friend for dinner at Bennigan's. We pigged out, had some beers and talk. Friday our friend Smack came over and we cooked out. We had fun but before we could have fun there was something I had to take care of. Smack can do things that really embarass us especilly when he drinks. At one time it got so bad hubby had a talk with him and I wrote him a letter. Things got worse again recently right before I read the first chapter of Change your life in 30 day. I decided I needed to right down my feeling and tell him. We set a day but evidently kevin went othef places that weekend and made a fool of himself. He e-mailed me saying he wasn't coming and gave me a bunch of crap blah blah. I knew he just didn't want to face us. I mailed him my letter but still got blah blah blah back. So I stopped responding. Sure enough he should up 2 days later. We were eating so we talked things out but I didn't get to read my thpoughts. That was my goal in charter one about being true to myself and I missed my change. Well Friday I sat him down and read it to him word for word. I told him 3 strikes your out. I can't handle him embrassing me in front of family and friends. I'm ready to move on to day to in the book. Anyway we had a great time cooking out, pigging out , having beers, and partying outside. He behaved himself lol. We did a daddy daughter fantasy plus I got to bad hickeys and a bursied but lol. Fun. Yesterday Hubby's uncle came over and we pigged out again but We only had 1beer a piece. Today we just relaxed. Still have lots of left over food so my diet it gone until i get rid of that then I'll get back on it. Well at least I socialized alot. This whole month has and will be a month for socialization and a big one for family. Hubby grandmother passed away the 7th so we had the visitation wednesday night and funeral Thursday. So lots of family and friends we haven't seen in years. I've misse 2 funerals him his family. Both were member neither of us knew well or hadn't spent much time with. I just couldn't handle it. We had other things going on around then. I just missed everything. Once I was kinda sick though.
But now in a week my family is coming down from flordia. My aunt and her girls. I would real look forward to it but my aunt and I have fought over stuff(pictures, artwork. and Love letters) she thinks she deserves and I have. She moved off before grandma got unable to care for her. I took care of her many years before she went to a nursing home. Then my other aunt and uncle took care of things. What did she do nothing. She deserves nothing. I have the stuff in a fire proof box. That's where it's staying. I broke down and gave her some pics then she said they weren't all of them. Anyway. I wrote long letter to her after she left. So maybe everything is cool now. We talk some and when we do we talk alot. So I hope we can enjoy it when she comes down. Yep alot of socializing for a person with social phobia. LOL. So I guess I'm doing good.
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