Saturday, March 26, 2005

stuff and stuff and stuff zzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry I haven't written since tuesday. Wednesday I ended up just reading mail nothing else. Yesterday and today I haven't felt to good. Just pains here and there. My back was hurting then my stomach. First I thought it was my herinated disk until my stomach started hurting. It felt like period cramps but it's way too early..maybe just gas. My foot has also been hurting alot. I dropped something(can't remember what) on it around x-mas eve.X-mas eve I was so busy I paid no attend and kept going. Then went to x-mas eve service and to sister in law, went to bed around 1 and it started hurting. I got no sleep. Niece woke us up at 4:45. She's 13 too old to be pulling that crap. Everyone went back to sleep but me. I've had pain off and on since. Well first it was pain I just kionda couldn't walk on it for 4 or 6 steps. Sometimes it hurts sometimes it burns inside. I know I know I need to go to the dr. It feel better when I stay off of it awhile but as soon as I get active again it hurts. Aside from back pain and foot pain I've been having spasms in my thigh to night. I doubt that a big deal and some arm pain. But some how today and yesterday I manged to get my cleaning done. I don't do a good complete cleaning job very often but It's time. Hadn't done it since x-mas trying to heal my foot Plus we had some friend staying with us all during Jan. until the found a place. It takes me 3 days to do it good. I did do everything I should have both days but not sure about tomorrow. Hubby said don't over do it cuz we have to go out sunday with family to dinner. But I hate to quit a third of the way done. I'll see how I feel.
Yesterday was my only nieces 14th b-day. We love her so much. Hard to believe she 14. I was also 14 years since hubby and I got unofficilly engaged. Yep same day. LOL.
Sunday we are going to the black eyed pea for easter/birthday dinner. To much of a hassle to cook. Mother-in- had surgey feb 21. then lost her mother march 8th. She had to recover fast to deal with her illness and death. It was the stupid nursing homes fault. They left her in diaper. she got a diaper rash and yeast infection. She died of Dysentary(living in filth) The fould old dirty diaper in her closet. Needless to say mom is sueing. Mamaw was 87. The doctor I met him didn't give a damn about old people. In october The nursing home was taking her on a field trip, the had an accident.They didn't tie her wheelchair down and she flew from the back of the bus to the front and down the stair well. The Dr. sent her home that night. She was 87 and could have had a concoscion(sp?).So we are going out for easter.
Didn't get any more self help stuff done but will start back on monday. I've been sucking big time on my diet but will start back monday
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