Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Mood: ok
Health: same
Weather: spring like
Diet: lol
Acohol: none
Watching: AMC
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Interest of the Day: self help
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Well today I finshed 2 goal. Very minor ones. Unimportant ones but none the less. I finally got the mail from this group caught up. LoL. Sorry if I didn't reply to everyone sometimes I just don't know what to say back. I also got my All my Children and SO caught up. Weekends that hubby has 3 or 4 day weekend put me behind on my shows. At least I caught up in one day. Tomorrow I'm going to take time to do some self help stuff. I'll try to review day one in change your life in 30days and do day 2. I hope to listen to some self help tapes too. In a few days I'll start doing a good cleaning job Then work on getting the last room The "kids" room done. My plans have changed some now cuz my aunts trip here has been postoned a few weeks. Not sure how I feel about that. Wonder if they'll even make it.
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