Sunday, July 31, 2005

just a check in

Mood:pretty good
Health:pretty good ear problems though
Diet:lol been pigging out
Acohol:none since last weekend
Watching: soaps
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Interest of the Day:erotic stories, spanking stories, sims 2, rct 3,
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Well my weekend alone was not all that great. I did have a spa day, ate lots of goodies and got back into stories I wanted to read. I didn't sleep as well as i wanted for a relaxation weekend. But i did all the relaxing stuff i planned. I did have smackavillie over Friday for some fun. As usually hubby new a head of time. It not cheating if the spouse knows. Hubby's fishing trip was ok but not as good as last year.
i weigh 222. Yuck I gained 4 pounds in a week and a half of being of my diet but It was my last planned break and I start back on it tomorrow. I go to the doctor wednesday but my foot is about healed so i don't know if I'm getting a x-ray or not. Our new medical insurance sucks so I may not be able to get a blood test and urine test. If We can afford it I'll have to go back.
I'm stil planning to get our last room set up soon too. Maybe next week but not this coming one.
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