Sunday, July 17, 2005

just an update

Hi all,
I've been doing good on my diet somedays and somedays not but I've been more active since Thursday and will be all we. I got some dumbbells at the store too the will help me too.I weigh 215. I lost 2 pounds.
I'm getting ready for my big weekend alone. My last time of big plan cheating on diet. I got lots of goodies to eat. Lots of lavender stuff for my relaxation. Some sleep aids too. I might have a spa weekend too. Hubby leaves on his fishing trip Friday morning and gets back Monday.
Yesterday and today I did a major project in finishing the house. I organized the hall closet with all of our grooming stuff in it. It feels good to get one step closer.All I got left is one room and some old clothes to wash and put up. There are a few other things but those are the only 2 big things left. I'm planning to start the room week after next.
Money problems suck. We don't have the money for the weekend but i got the stuff anyway. And he is going on the trip anyway. Then we will have to just it all the food we have here. I cleaned out the outside freezer last week. There are tons of dinners out there. Some diet some not. Hubby wants me to eat them diet or no diet. So I will we don't have the money for more food anyway. But we do have plenty of food. Just not all diet. So there goes the diet. I'll try to do the best i can with what i got but first i will finish my goodies i got for the weekend.
Congrates on the weight loss. I just got below the 200 mark. Seemed to take me forever. I've been doing yoga and pilates 4 times a week and trying to get off this computer more But i'm addicted to reading these blogs. If you dont mind i would love to add your blog to my blog list....If thats ok*smiles*
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