Sunday, July 03, 2005

Not a good start to july.

Mood: not good
Health: normal
Weather: too hot
Diet: fair
Acohol: yes last night
Watching: general hospital
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Interest of the Day: not much( a first huh?)
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The last few days has not been good. Thursday my niece broke her wrist sliding down a banister at church. She had to have a operation because they could set it. What makes it worse is that they we due to live yesterday to go on a cruise today. She didn't get out of the hospital until 3:30 am sat morning. But the doctor gave her the go ahead and they left early today to make the ship. But still not to be able to swim for 8 weeks on trips and camp and her own pool will be hard on her. In hope it dosen't interfere with her sprit steppers she starts soon. She;s 14 and it's her first year in high school.
Yesterday hubby went to the store to get beer and i got a call that his wheelchair has broke down. I walked up there 2 block in this damn Texas heat. It was problably close to 100 degrees. But when I got there there wasn't much I could do. I thought if I had to I could push the chair home but there was no way. It was way too heavy. And my wrist is bad and the heat. Heck, by the time we got home i felt almost as if I was having a heart attack. But luckly some nice man pushed him home. Man taking away his eletric wheelchair is the same as taking away his legs ans indepenance. A friend looked at it and we think it may be a connection problem. And should cost much. He hit a bump so he thinks something just isn't connecting. But if it cost alot I don't know what we will do. Can't afford it.
My back was hurting some before tugging on the wheelchair but now both my herinated disk are bothering me(one in my neck and one in my lower back). Plus my wrist, and my foot. I also had a sore thoat yesterday and a little today.
I told u last week that emotional state was real bad but that it was pms. Now Even before the bad news it was better but not much.
I've been doing good on my diet except planned cheats I weigh 219. I only gained 2 pounds during my break. and have maintain since tuesaday when I got back from break and weighed.
That's about it for now.
I like your blog but how about an update? Don't worry too much about your diet, life's too short.
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