Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yes I'm still alive

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I haven’t written in so long. The Holidays have been really hard for us. I’ve had lots of back and feet trouble. My mother in law has had a lot of problems that have affected us. I haven’t really done much self-improvement stuff. I’ve had a lot of other interest to keep me busy.
The holidays kind of sucked this year. Just before Thanksgiving I was pulling my hubby back in his wheelchair and hurt my upper back. I was planning to have Thanksgiving at our house since hubby was working that day (he works at home). I was into much pain to clean and do it all so I canceled it. It’s not that big of deal for my family anyway cuz my uncle also worked all day and really did want to celebrate either. I was going out with his family early that day but didn’t do that either. His sister did come by awhile so I still had to clean some. My upper back got better in about a week but out of nowhere my lower back started hurting. I have herniated disk in my neck and lower back. It got so bad I couldn’t hard do any work with needing to sit down in 5 minutes. It was bad. But you just can’t not do Christmas. I suffered though shopping, do the decorating (which took about a week we got an elaborate tree and a billion ornaments) and clean cuz it needed it and at least a few people would be over and just in case (lol never thought just in case would really happen but at least I was prepared). Christmas eve finally came and we went to my uncles. They came to get us and I said something stupid in the car about my mother in law getting a divorced when my cousin who was in the car also is getting a divorced. He said, “Join the club”. I should have stopped there but then I said something about well it’s a good thing for them. My hubby said lets not talk about that now. I felt so bad. It’s things like this that gives me social phobia. I know everyone says stupid this but I just can’t ever get past it when I do. Anyway after we finished my uncle was trying to be superman and get hubby in the suv alone they kind of messed up the first time and had the foot petals down so he put him down. I felt afraid something was going to happen. Lift twice so close is bad. My uncle lifted again. Hubby said, "don’t hurt you." The of course he did he stood there in pain holding hubby. That was not good. We finally told him to put him on the ground. But it was to late both were hurt. Hubby hurt his knee. Well hubby is fine now but my uncle is fairly good I’m told. Christmas morning my hubby was hurting bad. We were supposed to have x-mas at my mother in laws but hubby didn’t think he could transfer (we have lift at home so he never has to transfer at home). So we had to have it here. The house was clean but I still worked all morning in pain to get ready. To top it off my mother in law should up drunk. Then hubby was on vacation for two weeks but didn’t do anything until the last 2 days including New Years Eve. We had a big fight New Year’s Eve over spilled red Chinese sauce on the carpet. I’m banning the stuff. LOL. Still in pain I got the tree down and stuff. I was in pain most of the holidays. But because hubby has been working a lot of overtime and got a 6 dollar an hour raise I did get just about everything I wanted of x-mas and anniversary (Jan. 23).
My mother in law and her hubby have been going though a lot affecting us. They are getting divorced. But have separated. Several months a go she got really bad drinking wise and was driving him and my sister in law crazy. One night she was drunk and pulled a gun on him. He called cops she spent the night in jail. Things got a little better a few months but the last week it started again. Driving everyone crazy. One night she was drunk (she says she wasn’t but from how he says it and knowing as I do I’m sure she was) she fell and broke her foot hurt her other foot and back. Before she did that she was going to drive drunk to her lawyers to file for divorce he would let her so she made him drive her. I expect it to get worse before better. Then it will get bad again in a few months.
I have ’t done much self improvement stuff but I have started my diet over. I’ve gained more than what I weigh when I started last time. 234. Haven’t done so great though but not quitting. I have messed one Starting Over this season. It just doesn’t think it’s as good as it was. But I’m loyal. I did do he mother exercise they did Friday. I got out of it that most of my social phobia and insecurities come from her not being social and getting my out of the house doing activates.
I’ve as usual have had tons of interested to keep me busy. Neopets, other virtual pet games, the video game The Movies, Sims2 and Roller Coastertycoon3. I’ll try to put them a side more often to write more. I really have but them aside to do other things. I’ll try to be more active. Thanks for reading all this about my boring life.
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