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Fort Worth Texas Couple looking for unmarried person or a couple that is a bisexual Dom or Dominatrix and into spanking and bdsm.
Married couple looking for single male or female or married couple in the Dallas Fort Worth area (Preferably FW) to play with. Ages 30-55. Must be bisexual or seriously bi-curious. Must be in to bdsm or D/s in a mix way of play and seriousness. Must be into spanking for play and slight discipline. Female likes to be spanked and DOMed. Looking for long-term fun. No quick meeting. Must get to know each other first. My name is Female born in 1970. My husband (born in 1961), and I have been married since 1993. We are both white. We live in Fort Worth, Texas. Have no children yet, but are tying. I guess the first and most important thing you should know is that we are disabled. We both have Cerebral Palsy. My Hubby is in a wheelchair and cannot walk at all but can do a lot by himself. I can walk pretty well but I have a slight speech problem. People can understand me most of the time. We are both a little overweight (around 200 lbs.), and about 5"1', but still fairly attractive. MY bra size is 40dd or 44d. Hubby’s' penis size is an average 6 in. He graduated from the college with a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and is a work at home agent doing technical support on computers. I recently graduated junior college with an Associates of Arts. I am not working now but sometime in the future I might start looking for a job with computers or children. We are trying for our first child. We both consider ourselves BI-curious, Wanting to experiment playing with the same sex but still prefer opposite sex. I am not quite a sub but more of a brat. Will play sub. I have a tendency to try to top from the bottom. Can switch but inexperienced. But would rather which with someone more of a Dom than sub. Hubby is not dom or sub but he does try to play the role as dom and spanks me when I ask. We both like to give and receive Oral sex from the same sex but not too experienced. Love giving oral to opposite sex. We like to shave our genitals but don't keep them shaved most of the time. We both prefer others to have Shaved genitals but if not that's fine. We are social drinkers, only on weekends. We do not smoke cigarettes and a not big fan of those that do but that is not an instant dismissal of application. We do smoke marijuana about as often as we drink but not quite. If you don't, we will not around you. We try to always practice safe sex (condoms). We are disease free and are tested regularly. In our spare time we enjoy playing board games, "get to know each other" type games, watching movies, watching TV (GH, lost, Reality TV, Desperate housewives Etc.], Sports[football, Baseball.], going out to eat (all kinds of foods), and listen to music (Country, rock, 70's).Well, if that information still kept your attention, I'll tell you what we are looking for as far as sex goes. We are looking for a white single from the local area between the ages of 30-50. I like to be spanked and DOMed that must be part of our experience together. In sex, we are looking for someone who would want to be with both of us, not just me (or him in some cases). We are really looking for someone who is Bisexual or at least truly Bi-curious. The male/male contact should include touching, and oral sex, but NO kissing or anal sex. With me anything goes except intercourse because we are currently trying to have a baby. We would like an experienced spanker and Dom type. At least one of us enjoys or are interested in trying age play, algolagnia (love of pain), asphyxiaphilia (breath play), auto erotica (masturbation), BDSM, blindfolds, bondage, breast torture, bruising, candle wax, chains, Chinese balls, collar and lead, corner time as discipline, cupping (suction of the skin), dacryphilia (arousal from tears), depilation (shaving), discipline, dildos, domination, D/s, Dom SUB, Electrotorture (EMS TENS units), feathers, fisting, handcuffs/shackles, hair pulling, masks, masochism, nipples, oral fixation, paddling/spanking, play rape, Play School, play house, power exchange, the rack, religious (nunplay, priestplay), roleplaying, sadism, scent, slave/master, tongue fetish, "toys", vibrators, voyeurism, whips.Picture Found Here
http://www.deviantart.com/view/6687952/If we sound interesting and fun to you and you think you meet our desires, please fill out our form BELOW and send it To JEstes7558@charter.net. Attach a pic if you have one.
IM me at buttercreamkises on AIM or
Buttercreamkinkykises, spankmeinfw, spankmeinfw2000, or looking4bidomindfwtx on yahoo! Massager
Please go here http://hometown.aol.com/spankmeinfw/myhomepage/profile.html to fill out the form. This one is messed up.
To fill out form
1.From web page highlight the form right click to copy text, open mail right click to paste to mail fill out.or
2. from mail highlight form press reply then fill out.
Please go here http://hometown.aol.com/spankmeinfw/myhomepage/profile.html to fill out the form. This one is messed up.
____________________________1. I am a( ) Male( ) Female( ) Couple. If you are a couple, please check couple and check your sexes then have you partner fill out a copy of this also.______________________2. I Am…( ) Straight( ) gay( ) Bisexual( ) Bi- curious_________________________3. My age is _________________________4. I am.( ) Married. Spouse will NOT be involved Please explain why we should consider you even though you are married( ) Married. Spouse will be involved( ) Single( ) Divorced( ) Separated / or soon to be divorced( ) Seeing someone seriously. Please explain why we should consider you even though you are seeing someone.___________________________________________________________________5. Do you have custodial care of children?( ) Yes( ) No_______________________________________________________________6. I live in ( ) Fort Worth ( ) Dallas. Please tell why we should consider someone at that distance( ) Other. Please tell where and why we should consider someone at that distance___________________________________________________________7. I am( ) Dom( ) Sub ( ) Switch( ) brat( ) None_____________________________________________________8. My Experience at giving spankings is( ) None. Not interested in that( ) None, but willing to try( ) Little( ) Average( ) Above average( ) Expert____________________________________________________9. My experience in threesome/swinging is ( ) None. Not interested in that( ) None, but willing to try( ) Little( )Average( ) Above Average( ) Expert__________________________________________
10. Experience in BDSM
( ) None. Not interested in that( ) None, but willing to try( ) Little( )Average( ) Above Average( ) Expert
11Experience in same sex oral
( ) None. Not interested in that( ) None, but willing to try( ) Little( )Average( ) Above Average( ) Expert
12 Are you still able to have children?
( ) yes
( )no________________________________________________

13. I enjoy giving oral sex to someone of my own gender.( ) Yes( ) No________________________________________________________14. I enjoy receiving oral sex from someone of my own gender.( ) Yes( ) No____________________________________________________15. I DO NOT mind getting involved with someone with a disability, in a wheel chair, has a slight speech impediment, is between 175- 225 Pounds.( ) Correct( ) Incorrect________________________________________________________16. I drink( ) Do not drink( ) Social drinker. Once or twice a month( ) Average. Once a week or so I like to drink 4-8 drinks (This is us)( ) Drink more than average________________________________________________________17. Do you smoke? ( ) Yes( ) No (We do not)______________________________________________________18. Do you do any recreational drugs? ( ) Yes( ) No( ) Discuss laterPlease tell what and explain._______________________________________________________19. My Body type is ( ) Small( ) Medium ( ) Large (This is us)( ) Heavy____________________________________________________20. My weight is
_____________________________________________________21. My height is
____________________________________________22. I am how strong ( ) Not very( ) Average( ) Pretty strong( ) Real strong_____________________________________________23. Women Only: Bra Size_______________________________________________24. Men Only: Penis SizeA( ) Small under 5 inches ( ) Medium 5 to 7 inches (This is my husband)( ) Large over 7 inchesB.Thickness( ) thin( )medium( ) thick( ) real thickc.circumcized( )yes( )no________________________________________________25. Do you shave your genitals?( )Yes( )no( )sometimes____________________________________________26. Do you prefer others to have( ) shaved genitals( ) unshaved genitals( ) does not matter________________________________________________27. Your race ( ) American Indian( ) Asian( ) Black( ) Caucasian( ) East Indian( ) Hispanic( ) Middle Eastern( ) Various( ) Other____________________________________________________________________28. I am very open minded and open to the sayings "what happens, happens" and "let nature take its course". (Note this will NEVER Include Male/Male Anal Sex)( ) Yes( ) No__________________________________________________________________29. We have two cats. Are you allergic to or have a dislike for cats?( ) Yes( ) No_______________________________________________________________30. We prefer to chat with people in a chat environment rather than e-mail. Do you have any of the following? ( ) AOL or AOL Instant Messenger; If so, Screen Name: ( ) ICQ; ICQ # If so, Screen Name:( ) IRC Name If so, Screen Name:( ) Yahoo! Pager Name If so, Screen Name:( ) Other Chat program. Tell which and id
_____________________________________________________________31. I like to( ) Play board games( ) Play get to know each other type games( ) Watch movies( ) Watch TV (list favorite shows)( ) Go Out to eat (what kinds of foods are your favorite?)( ) Go to clubs/ bars (What Kinds?)( ) Listen to music (What Kinds)( ) Other interest__________________________________________________________32. Do you practice safe sex (mainly condoms)( ) Always( )I try to always but some time in the heat of the moment I forget( ) Sometimes - Depends on the situation. Never during oral, but necessary for penis to vaginal contact even though I am disease free.( ) Never ( ) No, because I don't have VD.( ) No, because I can't have children._____________________________________________________
33. Are you disease free?( )yes( ) no__________________________________________________
34. What times are you free to play(nights, days, weekends, weekdays) __________________________________________________35. Questions, Comments, Complaints, Advice, Anything else you want us to know? Here is your space to tell it all.
_________________________________________________________________36. BDSM checklistRate from 0 to 5 according to level of interest 0 = no way 5 = gotta have it. also you can put undecided if not sure or ? if you don't know what it is.
{ } acucullophallia (being cut) 0{ } age play 4{ } algolagnia (love of pain) 5{ } Anal Fisting 3{ } Anal Penetration 5{ } Anal plugs 5{ } Anal Sex (Giving) 1 { } Anal Sex (Receiving) 5 hubby 0{ } Anal Sex-fingers 5{ } Anal torture 3{ } Animal roles 1{ } aromas, smells scent 4{ } Asphyxiaphilia (breath play) 2{ } auto erotica (masturbation) 5{ } Ball Streching & Crushing 0{ } Bare Hands spanking 5{ } Bastinado(feet spanking) 5{ } BDSM 5{ } Beastiality(real) 0{ } Big Men/Women 4 { } Biting/being biten 3{ } blindfolds 5{ } Blood play 0{ } bondage 5{ } brats{ } Breast Bondage 5{ } Breast whipping 5{ } Breast/Nipple Torture 5{ } Brown Showers/Scat (feces shit play) 0{ } Bruises 5{ } candle wax 4{ } Caning 4{ } CBT Scenes (Cock & Ball Torture) 1{ } Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads 5{ } Chores (domestic service) undecided{ } Clit bondage 3{ } Clit fucking 5{ } Clit labia Clips 5{ } Clit pussy torture 4{ } Clit suction 5{ } cock Bondage 4{ } cock fondling man on man 5{ } cock fondling woman on man 5{ } cock kissing man on man 5{ } cock kissing woman on man 5{ } cock licking m/f 5{ } cock licking m/m 5{ } cock manual play man on man 5{ } cock manual play woman on man 5{ } cock play man on man 5{ } cock play woman on man 5{ } Cock rings/straps 5 hubby{ } cock sucking man on man 5{ } cock sucking woman on man 5{ } Cock swallowing 4{ } cock worshiping man on man 5{ } cock worshiping woman on man 5{ } corner time as discipline 5{ } Corporal Punishment 5{ } D/s Dom SUB 5{ } dacryphilia (arousal from tears)5{ } Daughter - Daddy play 5{ } depilation (shaving) 3{ } Dildos (Handheld) 4{ } discipline 5{ } Doctor/Nurse Fetish 3{ } Dominating a female or male as my sub 2{ } Double Penetration (oral/vaginal) 3{ } Double Penetration (vaginal/anal) 5{ } Ear Plugs 4{ } Edge Play 4{ } Electric Play tens unit vibrators 5{ } Enemas 4{ } Eye contact restrictions undecided{ } Face Slapping 0{ } Fear Play(being scared 3{ } Figging (ginger root) 4{ } finger fucking anal 5{ } finger fucking vaginal 5{ } Fire Play 2{ } Fisting (vaginal) yes 4{ } Flogging cat o nine tail 5{ } Following orders 5{ } Food Play 1{ } Foot fucking 3{ } Forced Masturbation: 4{ } Forced Orgasm 5{ } Forced servitude 3{ } fucking machine 5{ } Fucking-rectum-cock 5{ } furry animal 0{ } Gags 1{ } Golden Showers water sports urine(piss play) 0{ } hair pulling 5{ } Hairbrush spankings 5{ } Hand Job-getting-clit 5{ } Hand Job-getting-cock 5{ } Hand Job-giving-clit 5{ } Hand Job-giving-cock 5{ } hickeys 5{ } Human Pony dog1{ } Humiliation degradation 0{ } Hypnotism 0{ } Ice cubes 5{ } incest(real) 0{ } Infantalism diaper play 0{ } intercouse 3{ } Labia Stretching undecided{ } Lactation milking 1{ } Leather Belts spaking 5{ } Lectures for misbehavior 5{ } Marks-permanent 0{ } Marks-temporary 5{ } masochism 5{ } Massage (giving) 3{ } Massage (receiving) 5{ } Master/Slave 3{ } Medical Scenes 3{ } Mind Fucks, mind control, mental bondage mind games 4{ } Mouth Soaping 1{ } Needle Play 1{ } Nipple clamps and clothespins weights 5{ } nudism 5{ } Oils/Lotions/Spices/wax/tiger balm/ rubbing alcohol 3{ } oral (man on man) 5{ } oral (woman on man) 5{ } oral fixation 5{ } Oral Sex (giving) 5{ } Oral Sex (Receiving) 5{ } oral(woman on woman) 5{ } Oral/anal play (rimming) giving 0{ } Oral/anal play (rimming) recieving 3{ } Orgasm control 5{ } Orgasm denial 5{ } Over-the-knee spanking 5{ } paddling 5{ } Pain (medium) 4{ } Pain (mild) 5{ } Pain (severe) 3Pedophilia(real) 0{ } piercings 1{ } Pinching 5{ } play fight 4{ } play house 5{ } play rape 5{ } Play School 5{ } Podophilia (Foot Fetish) shoe fetish 0{ } power exchange 5{ } Prison Fantasy Play 4{ } Prostitution (real) 0{ } Public Play-parties dungeons/play spaces 4{ } Punishment-play 5{ } Punishment-real 4{ } Pussy Whipping 5{ } religious (nunplay priest play) 3{ } Resistance Play 5{ } Restrictive rules on behavior 5{ } Riding Crops 5{ } roleplaying 5{ } Rough Sex 5{ } sadism 3{ } Same Gender Sex 5{ } same sex kissing 1{ } same sex oral 5{ } Scratches Abrasions 3{ } Sensory deprivation 5{ } Sensory Enhancement 5{ } Serving 2{ } Sex During Menstruation 0{ } Slings/Swings 4{ } Slutty language obscene talk 1{ } Sound Control 4{ } Spanking 5{ } spanking on the hand{ } Spitting 0{ } Strap-on-dildos 5{ } Strapping-full body 5{ } submission to another 5{ } Suction Devices 5{ } Swallowing semen 4{ } Swapping swinging 3{ } Switching Roles 3{ } threesome m/f/m 5{ } Threesomes (f/m/f) 4{ } tickling 4{ } Torture Scenes 5{ } toys" 5{ } Transvestism, transexual, crossdressing 0{ } Triple penetration 2{ } Uncircumcised Men 2 { } unprotected sex no condom 0{ } Urethral Sounds Vibration (metal rods) 3{ } Violet Wand (electricial toy) 5{ } Water torture 4{ } Weapons guns knives, 0{ } Wearing symbolic jewelery collars 5{ } Whipping 5{ } Wooden paddles 5______________________________________________________________________________Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please send this form to JEstes7558@charter.net !! Attach A pic if you can.

AE's bdsm and sex facts about meI am a brat not a sub.I like to fight being punishedbe forced to do things be force to take my punishmentsbe physically controlledi like pain most places being hit. ass, thighs, pussy, breast, back of my legs, arms, legs back (back light only Lightly)i like breast torturei like hair pullingi like light pussy anal torture.i like rough sex.'( i think)i like play rape.i like to play fighti like role playi want to be told what to dobdsm to me is not about serving.it's about physical and mental control, being forced, and punished i like things done to me. i do give back though but sometimes like to be forced to give.I like to have your choices taken away from you, but reserve the right to say the safeword.I like the excitement of the chasei love to be lead by pulling my arms or hair.i fantasize about being spanked once an hour.i hate doms that are arrogant assholes.I want a dom that can be mean at the righting and can be loving at timesI want a daddy type dom. Strict firm but loving.I like to be mentally dommed/controlled.I've had little house on the prairie spanking fantasy since i was a kid.I like daddy daughter role play both discipline and sexual.I like over the knee spankingI like to be spanked with hands, paddles,floggers and brushes but want more experience with belts. I want to try crops and canes but doubt I will like them.I like impact more than sting. but not all impact. The bigger the weapon the better.I like anal sex and oral sex. i don't like being called slut bitch etc.i don't like to gagged.I like to top from the bottom.I like to be undressed by the dom.I do not like it when dom withhold spankings as punishment. ( I mean forget it for real)I do not allow face slapping.I believe people who like to be spanked can still be really punished by spanking by making it hard and with things they don't like in ways they don't like.I want to be spanked as real punishment.corner time , writing or typing alot are good punishments for me.I always use a safeword.I believe in good girl and bad girl spankings. Good girl spanking are not as hard and more sexual.Spanking is not necessarily sexual to me although i have orgasmed during it.I like sex to hurt sometimes.I'm a pain slut but i hate that term.I think ultimately the sub if in control.I am a SAM.(smart assed mashoist)I'd like to switch but only if the person is truly more dom.I've been told I've be a better dom because I like to control things. But a dom can't get controlled and spanked.I'm to hardheaded and selfish to be a real sub.I like to try hands spanking and Bastinado(feet spanking)I'm not as mobile and flexible as some and i have poor balance. plus being bigger. can get tired easy don't have real high stamina. I love giving oral and i do swallow but sometimes my teeth get in the way because i have a small mouth.I like to be required to say sir or ma'am.I like having rules.Hubby and I are nudist.I think some guys forget there is more to the breast than the nipple. i like my whole breast squeezed.I like to be forced to have an orgasm but also forbidden to have them.When playing I have to be careful of my herniated back and neck and poor balance. I can never be hit without support.When sitting I must get up slow and careful.I like to be played with during a spanking. Rubbing my butt, clit, fingering me.I'm a spanko.I'm more shy in real life than on line.I can't kneel on the floor or sit in the floor for long periods of time.I like marks and hickeys as long as I don't have to see family any time soon.I like to feel the pain from play for several days.I dream of being thrown over our kitchen table which is in the living room spanked so hard i cry and then fucked in the ass.I like to be touched on the check with a guys thumb with the rest of the hand holding my face. I also want to feel a paddle placed long ways between my butt cheeks and rubbed up and down.I want to be made to cry.I like being backed up against the wall.I love for dom to whisper in my ear. Especially threats or ultimatums.I have a fantasy where I'm bent over a bed or table and my pussy grab from underneath. And somehow push or pulled to hurt. Not sure how it would work though.I hate counting spanks.and adding 'thank you Sir" more and then adding "may i have another" more.(use at your decression)I hate my inner thighs hit.(use at your decression).I usually don't have an orgasm the first time I play with someone. It takes time to get comfortable enough for me.I tend to laugh during play alot it is best to ignore it but if you want to go the "so you think this is funny" route you can.During sex i like my hands held over my head. I have experienced ice in my pussy. It was very different. I'd like to try that again.I like to be spanked on back my legs held in the air.Hubby and I used to play a game where he puts his fingers just inside my vagina then waits then without warning suddenly thrust his fingers inside me. I love that.I used to brag about being able to take any spanking. my group called me iron butt. But the iron butt melted with one very hard swat. It was so hard i went in shock. Since then I don't brag any more.
In my daily fantasies( mostly little house on the prairie pa/Laura spanking scenes) i use certain phrases all the time. I'd really like these phrase in our play. Here they are."it's ok" (after a spanking)"you know better" (when I've done something wrong)"good girl"(when I'm good of course)"young lady"( i like to be called young lady even though i ain't that young no more lol)"do you understand me?"(when given an order or a punishment)"now!" (when told to do something and I don't)"yes, what?" or "no what?" (when i forget to say sir)"you need your ass beat or whipped""go get the belt(or what ever) now""spread you legs" (during spanking or sex. I really like this one don't know why)"I'm going to have to give you a spanking""i want you too........" (whatever instructions)look at me"(when in trouble), "come here""bend Over"

Hubby can scoot down in his wheelchair for play. Hubby likes cock play, cock worship, cock sucking, fondling, manual play,cock kissing.
we want a poly type relationship but with out living together.we want a long term friendship not just a one time "fuck buddy"we want some one that want both of us not just me.
My complete bdsm checklistRate from 0 to 5 according to level of interest 0 = no way 5 = gotta have it. also you can put undecided if not sure or ? if you don't know what it is.Abduction Scenes 4Abrasion undecidedacucullophallia (being cut) 0age play 4algolagnia (love of pain) 5altocalciphilia (high heels) 0Anal abuse 4Anal examinations 4Anal Fisting 3Anal Penetration 5Anal plugs (large) 3Anal plugs (small) 5Anal servitude ?Anal Sex (Giving) 1 Anal Sex (Receiving) 5Anal Sex-fingers/fist 5Anal torture 3Anal training ?Anal worship ?Anilingus 0Animal roles 2Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders) 3Aromas 4Asphyxiaphilia (breath play) 2auto erotica (masturbation) 5Ball and chain 3Ball Strechers & Crushers 0Ball stretching 1Bare Hands spanking 5Bareback raw fucking [with no condoms] 0Bastinado(feet spanking) 5Bathroom use control ?BDSM 5BDSM without Sex 3Beastiality 0Beating (hard) undecidedBeating soft 5Begging/Pleading 5Being bitten 4Being serviced (sexual) 4Big Men/Women 4 Biting 3blindfolds 5blood 0Blood play 0Blow Gun Play ?Body bag 2Body Hair 3Body Harness 3Body Modification 1Body Worship 4bondage 5Boot worship 0branding 0Branding Scenes 1Breast Bondage 5Breast Clamping 5 breast torture 5Breast whippingyes 5Breast/Nipple Torture 5Breath control undecidedBrown Showers/Scat (feces play) 0Bruises 5Butt Plugs 4Cages (locked inside of) 1candle wax 4Caning 4Cat O' Nine Tails 5Catheterization 0Cattle prod (electrical toy) undecidedCBT Scenes (Cock & Ball Torture) 1Cells/Closet-confined 0 Chains 1Chamber-pot use 0chastity devices 2Chinese Balls/Ben Wa Balls/Anal Beads 5Choking undecidedChores (domestic service) undecidedChosen clothes for 1Chosen Food For 1Cling Film 3Clit Clips 5Clit or cock bondage 3Clit or cock examinations 5Clit or cock fucking 5Clit or cock piercing noClit or cock suction 5Clit or cock torture 4Clit or cock training ?Clitoral orgasm 5Clothespins 5cock fondling man on man 5cock fondling woman on man 5cock kissing man on man 5cock kissing woman on man 5cock licking m/f 5cock licking m/m 5cock maunal play man on man 5cock maunal play woman on man 5cock play man on man 5cock play woman on man 5Cock rings/straps 5 hubbycock sucking man on man 5cock sucking woman on man 5Cock swallowing 4cock worshiping man on man 5cock worshiping woman on man 5Cock worshipyes 5Collar & Leash 2Collars (wearing) 5Competitions (with other Subs) 1Confinement/Caging 1Coprophilia (Shit Play)/Scat 0corner time as discipline 5Corporal Punishment 5Corsetry 1Cross-dressing 0Cuffs 4Cunnilingus 5Cunt Torture 5cupping (suction of the skin) 5Cutting 0D/s Dom SUB 5dacryphilia (arousal from tears)5Daughter - Daddy play 5Degradation 0depilation (shaving) 3Diaper Play 0Dildos (Handheld & Strap-ons) 4discipline 5Doctor/Nurse Fetish 3Dog Training 1Domestic Chores undecidedDomestic Service 3Dominating a female or male as my sub 2Double Penetration (oral/vaginal) 3Double Penetration (vaginal/anal) 5Drawing Blood-any form 0Ear Plugs 4ears 3Eating hot fresh raw semen 3Eating Patterns Control 3Edge Play 1Electric Play 5Electricity 5Electro Torture Scenes 4Electrotorture (EMS TENS units) 5Enemas (for cleansing) 4Enemas (retention/punishment) 4Enforced chastity undecisedErotic Humiliation 1Erotic Pain 5Erotic Pain-heavy 2Erotic Pain-light 5Examinations-medical 3Exchanging bodily fluids seman only 4Exercise (forced/required) 2Exhibitionism 2Eye contact restrictions undecidedFace Slapping 0Fantasy abandonment 1Fantasy gang-rape 2Fantasy rape 5Fantasy safe abuse ?Fear (being scared) 3Fear Play 3feathers 5Figging (ginger root) 4Fire Play 2Fisting (anal) yes 3Fisting (vaginal) yes 4Flame play 2Flogging (back) 3Flogging (butt) 5Following orders 5Food Play 1Foot fucking 3Foot worship 1Forced bedwetting 0Forced Crossed Dressing 0Forced eating 1Forced Feminization 0Forced Homosexuality 4Forced Masturbation: 4Forced Orgasm 5Forced servitude 3Forced smoking 9Fucking-rectum-cock 5Fucking-rectum-dildoe 5Fucking-rectum-fingers 5Fucking-rectum-fist 3Fucking-vagina-cock 5Fucking-vagina-dildoe 5Fucking-vagina-fingers 5Fucking-vagina-fist 5Full head hoods 1Gags 1gangbangs 2Gas masks 0Genital Bondage 4Genital sex 5Golden Showers (piss play) 0Group Sex 4Gun play 0hair pulling 5Hairbrush spankings 5Hand Job-getting-clit 5Hand Job-getting-cock 5Hand Job-giving-clit 5Hand Job-giving-cock 5Handcuffs 4Harems (serving w/other subs) 2Harnessing 2Having clothing chosen for you 1Having food chosen for you 1Head Harness ?High heel wearing 0High heel worship 0Hobble Skirt Wearing ? Hogtie 3Homage with tongue (non-sexual)?Hoods maybeHot oils (on genitals) 3Hot waxing 3Housework (doing) undecidedHuman Pony 1Human puppy dog 1Humiliation 0Hypnotism 0Ice cubes 5Immobilization 3Inducing Multiple Orgasms-getting 5Inducing Multiple Orgasms-giving 5Infantalism 0Initiation rites undecidedInjections 0Intense Pain 4Interrogations 1Kidnapping 2Kneeling 1Knife play 1Labia Clamping 1Labia Stretching undecidedLactation 1latex 2leather 2Leather Belts 5Leather clothing 1Leather cuffs and belts 5Leather restraints 5Lectures for misbehavior 5Leg Irons 3Licking 5Lingerie (wearing) 2Making Home "Movies" 3 (if we keep)Marks-permanent 0Marks-temporary 5masks 4masochism 5Massage (giving) 3Massage (receiving) 5Master/Slave 3Medical Scenes 3Ménage à trois Menstruation 2Mental Bondage 3Mild Pain 5Mind Fucks 4Mind Games 4Modeling for erotic photos yes1 only personalMommy Play 4Mouth bits 0Mouth Soaping 1Multiple Partners-both sexes 5Multiple Partners-female 5Multiple Partners-male 5Mummification(saran wrap etc) 1Mutual Masturbation 2Neck Bindings 2Needle Play 1Nettle Play 2Nipple clamps and clothespins 5Nipple exams 3Nipple milking ?Nipple play/"torture" 5Nipple rings (piercings) 0Nipple training 4Nipple weights 2nudism 5nurse/doctor fetish 3Oils/Lotions/Spices 3oral (man on man) 5oral (woman on man) 5oral fixation 5Oral Sex (giving) 5Oral Sex (Receiving) 5oral(man on woman) 5Oral/anal play (rimming) giving 0Oral/anal play (rimming) recieving 3Orgams 5Orgasm control 5Orgasm denial 5Orgasm forced 5Outdoor sex 1Over-the-knee spanking 5paddling 5Pain (medium) 4Pain (mild) 5Pain (severe) 3Pee play 0Penis Ligation ?Period blood play 0Persona training undecidedPersonality modification (RL) undecidedPhone Sex 1piercings 1Pinching 5Piss 0play fight 4play house 5Play Piercing 0play rape 5Play School 5Podophilia (Foot Fetish) 0Position Training ?Posture Training 3power exchange 5Power Tools ?Prison Fantasy Play 4Private Humiliation 0Prostitution (actual) 0Public Play-private parties 4Public Play-public dungeons/play spaces 4Punishment-play 5Punishment-real 4Pussy torture 4Pussy training 4Pussy Whipping 5religious (nunplay priest play) 3Religious scenes 3Resistance Play 5Restrictive Behavior 5 Restrictive rules on behavior 5Retifism (Shoes or Boots) 0Riding Crops 5Riding the "horse" (crotch torture.) ? 3Riding the Stallion (fucking machine) 5rimming 3Risk sex 0Ritual Play 3roleplaying 5Rope Bondage 5Ropes 5Rough Sex 5sadism 3Same Gender Sex same sex oralScalpel-butting ?Scarification ?Scat 0scent 3Scourging?Scratching - getting 2Scratching - giving 0Scrotal Infusion ?Sensory deprivation 5Sensory Enhancement 5Sensory Relocation ?Sensual Play-sensation 5Service Scenes 3Serving 2Serving as a maid 2Serving as a Pony 2Serving as art 0Serving as ashtray 0Serving as furniture 0Serving as Pony 0Serving As Toilet 0Serving as waitress/waiter 3Sex During Menstruation 2Sexual deprivation (long term) 2Sexual deprivation (short term) 4Shackles 3Shaving 3Signal Whip/Bullwhips/Single Tail 4 Sleep deprivation undecidedSleepsacks ?Slings/Swings 4Slutty language obscene talk 1Sound Control 4Spanking 5Speculum training?Speculums (Anal)3Speculums (vaginal) 3Speech restrictions (when, what) 4Spitting 0Spread-Eagle 4Spreader Bars 4Standing in corner 5Stocks 0Straight jackets 0Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by) 5Strap-on-dildos (sucking on) 0Strap-on-dildos (wearing) 1Strapping-full body 5submission to anotherSuction Devices 5Suspension 2Swallowing feces 0Swallowing semen 4Swallowing urine 0Swapping (with one other couple) 3Swinging (multiple couples) 3Switching Roles 3Sword/Machete Play 0Talking Dirty 1Tampon Training (in ass) 0Tape Gags 0Tattooing-permanent 4Tattooing-temporary 5Teasing 5TENS Unit (electrical toy) 5Terror Play (e.g. Chainsaws) 0the rack 4The Rack/Medieval Devices 4threesome m/f/m 5Threesomes (f/m/f) 4Thumbcuffs (metal) 4Ticklers 4tickling 4tiger balm rubbing alcohol ect. 5Toe Sucking-getting 3Toe Sucking-giving 0tongue fetish 1Torture Scenes 5toys" 5Transsexuals 9Transvestism 0Triple penetration 2Uncircumcised Men 2 Uniforms 1Urethral Sounds Vibration (metal rods) 3Urolagnia (Water Sports/Urine) 0Vaginal dildo 5Vaginal exams 4Vaginal exposure to strangers 0Vampire Gloves ?Vampire Scenes 3Vibrator on and in genitals 5vibrators 5Victorian Play 4Video (watching others) 5Videoed Scenes 3Violet Wand (electricial toy) 5Voice Training (speaking the way your Dom/me wants you to) 3 voyeurism 3Wartenburg Wheel 4Water torture 4Wax Play-dripping 3Wax Play-hair removal 3Waxing (hair removal) 3Weapons 0Wearing symbolic jewelery 5Web cam play 3Weight loss (forced) 0Wet & Messy 0Whipping 5Wooden paddles 5Zipper play ?

Other facts about AEHi here is some info about me. First, I'm not really an artist. I'm not good at taking pictures or creating art. I'm just trying to have fun here which is what the Internet should me. I know I'm not good so most of my stuff will be stock so anyone can play with it. I don't care just please tell me if you use it so I can see. If you want to use something that's not stock ask I'll probably let you. You can tell alot abot people by there favorites check out mine. I have lots of interest. If you want me to put you on my watch list send me a note and I will. OK - about me. I turned 35 on June 24, 2005. Born, raised and always lived in Fort Worth, Texas. I've been married 12 years to hubby. We are both disabled (with Cerebral Palsy). I walk pretty well but have a slight speech impediment. He is in a wheelchair. He can eat, write and do most things himself except for walking and transfering. We are trying to have our first child. We do not drive but ride special busing. He works at home. I stay home to help him if he needs something plus I have jobaphobia. LOL. I have an Associate of Arts degree from a Tarrent County Junior College. I'm into spanking and BDSM.We have 3 pets, A 5 lb. Deer Chihuahua , a calico, and another cat. I'm Obsessive Compulse. LOL. Can u tell?.I'm into neopets, sims, sims2, rollercoaster tycoon 1, 2, and 3, zoo tycoon, photoshop, movies, tv shows, start over(tv show), self improvement. Read erotic stories, watch bdsn and spank movie clips.I love exortic fetish, bdsm, nudity, spanking, and Alt lifestyles. If you want to know more send a note. I love collecting all kinds of pictures including portraits, fantasy, unicorns, Pegasus, chess, checkers, clown, mimes, Alice in Wonderland, jesters, baby animals, faces, erotica, castles, lighthouses, neopets, cat like creatures, dog like creatures, horse like creatures, wizards, crosses, crucifixion, Goth, vampires, Anne Rice, harry potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, elves, eyes, rainbows, mazes, Lisa Frank, angels, ferrets, zebras, tattoos, wonderland, beds, Religious, devils, Dream imagery, Alien life forms, Fairies, Landscape, nature, Magic and Sorcery, spells, Mythical Creatures & assorted Monsters, Photo-/model based compositions, or photo realism, Romance, Emotion, Love, Centaurs, colorful picas, graffiti, hot air balloons, Indians, kites, medieval paintings, mosaics, masks, mermaids, renaissance art, snow scenes, soap operas, teddy bears, unicorns, Victorian art, volcanoes, witches, wizards, wolves and more

Favorite television show: Full House, Little house on the Prairie, General hospital, All My Children, Port Charles, American Dreams, ER, Third Watch, Smallville. AHHHHHHHH too many to listFavorite Actor: John Stamos, Michael LandonFavorite Actress: Finola Hughes Melissa Gilbert.Favorite colors: Dark blue and Bright yellow together, Dark colors, rainbowsFavorite Clothes: Causal, Denim, Shorts, Sweats or nothingFavorite hobby: Collecting Stickers (I have 13 photo Albums full and have been collecting since 1981.)Collecting picsFavorite Foods: Pizza, Fried Chicken, Pasta, ice Cream, Butter Cream icingFavorite Flowers: Yellow Rose, Orange tiger lily with black Spots.Favorite number: 11Idea for Deviant artist: I have this picture in my head of 4 clowns looking down at the camera or viewer. Surrounding it in a circle. I mean looking from four corners. I wish some could paint it or take it for meFrom *frail: (changed some)
If I were on some body's face i'd be a smilea bird..lovebirdmusical instrument...pianoastrological body....milkywayrock....rocking chair or rock n'rolla real rock....obsidianteam...cheering teampart of a car...the back seata flower.. yellow rose,or orange tiger lilya smell... buttercream icing, vanilla or lavnandera shoe..a tennis shoea light... light housebook ... a diary or photoshop bookpart of a chinese dinner....fortune cookiea piece of music.......a song that means a lot to many peoplepart of a mall....candy shopa puzzle....a jigsaw puzzle or mazea traffic signal...a green lighta piece of gym equiment...trampolinean appliance...a microwavea band...a country band or band-aidin a deck of card...queen of heartson a hand...a ringsomething to sleep on....a soft cushy cozy beda seafood dish...shrimp alferdoa cirus worker...a clown or trapeze artista tool....a ruler or hammerwinter fun...sleddinga hat....a cowboy hat or denim capa cookie..........chocolate chip cookiein a medicine cabnet....sleeping pillsa boat...a sail boat or speed boata laugh....a gigglepart of a day on the beach....the blue skya telephone response....a wrong numbera fruit...a coconutpart of a cat...eyes or purrpart of a dog..wagging taila flying object...a hot air balloon or birda fastener...velcroa house...log cabina hairdo...a shagan insect...ladybug or fireflya candy...cotton candy or m&m's or milky wayan art supply.....paintillness....a headache (stupid question)worked at an airport..........pilotpart of a sentance....question marka TV show.....a soap opera or dramaan amusement park ride...a roller coastera clock.....digital clock on night standan egg...scrambled or, or faberge or confetti egga noise...a laugh, whisper or musica spice....garlic or cinnamonon a world map...a lakemild tramatic experience......a missed tv showon the calender...valentines day or christmasa supernatural character....unicornDate....... November 11th 1111day of the week : Thursday or Saturdaytime of day : 11:11 AMplanet : Saturndirection : Southliquid : Diet Dr. Pepperstone : rare onetree : weeping willowbird : colorful parrottool : hammerplant : fernkind of weather : Snowhistorical figure : Laura Ingalls Wildermythical creature : Unicornanimal : some sort of Wild cat,sea animal : Dolphincolor : Royal blue or bight yellowemotion or mood : Pleasuremusical instrument : pianosound : children playing but not too loudelement : firecar : A blue sports car with a yellow lighting boltsong : "Butterfly kisses"sin : Lustmovie directed by: Steven Speilbergcomic strip character : Betty Booppiece of furniture : a featherbedvegetable : broccolifood : butter cream icingplace : Disney landPlanet:saturnmaterial : denimtaste : butter cream icingscent : vanillareligion : Christianityword : funobject : computerbody part : here use your imaginationfacial expression : smilesubject in school : Artcartoon character : Betty Boopshape : heartnumber : eleven My 100+ factsEveryone is doing this now. I love using eveyone else and checking what applys to me. But I decided to do my own. Please feel free to use mine. Also send me any if I don't have it in my about me entry.Only read if your open minded and mature. Only read if you want to know the REAL me.Stuff Deviant art should add to Devious Information...My 100+ factsInsturctions copy and paste into your jounal. put *OR BOLD the one that apply to you or delete the ones that don't.1. My mother commited sucide when I was 20 she was 40.2. My best friend Died of a heart attact at 20. She had 3 kids the youngest was 1 week.3. I have cerebal palsey.4. I have socialphobia5. I am obsessive compulsive.6. I've only had one job in my life and it was part time.It was in a church nursey and the got rid of me cuz I was disabiled.7. I love to be spanked8. I like pain if I recieve it willingly.9. I like Kinda an Alternative lifestyle.10 I'm a nudist.(kinda)11. I'm agaist censorship.12 I'm somewhat religous. Jesus is my saviorbut I don't go to church. Church people can be the biggest hypicrits.13 my favorite pizza is not with tomato sauce but with garlic butter, chicken, itilian sauage, pepperonii, breakfast bacon and tons of cheddar chesse.14. I'm very shy, introvertive, but talkive.15. I have lots of books but never read.16. I'm extremly sentive, get my feeling hurt real easy and cry very easy.17. I used to be a shoplifter not now thank god.18. My 5 lbs chihuahua is my pride and joy.19. I kinda hate my cats. mostly one of them20. I occasionly smoke pot. maybe one every to or 3 months.21. I love to drink.22. I'm trying to get pregant. don't worry I'm not doing 20 and 21 when trying.23. I hate to go to School. I never went. Once I messed 56 day in a year.24. I never knew my dad.25. I like porn.26 My hubby is in a wheelchair and can't walk.27. I'm afraid of getting a job.28. In graduated junior college where I majored in psycology minored in religon and socialogy.29. I made bad grade(vc's d's f's) in school until I quit and went back then I mostly got A's and B's30 I weight about 200lbs and am about 5'2.31 I hate myself sometimes32 I desprately want to be accepted as I turely am.33. I'm a terrible liarer and rarely lie.34. growing up I wanted to be a teacher now if I were to get a job it would be with kids of computers.35/ I feel like a terrible person sometimes.36. Over all I think I'm a good persons37. Besides pot and prescription drugs I've only done drugs once.38. I have many issues and problems.39. I like people to know everything about me.40. I think my mom was abad mom even though she didn't abuse me, drink, do drugs, party, or have guts around.41. I idolize my grandpa.42 I'm an only child.43.I'm addicted to soap operas.44.i'm addicted to diet dr. pepper.45. I'm lazy.46.I've lived here almost 3 years and still haven't finshed packing.47. I have no pics on my wall48 I hate cooking.49.I love sleeping and dreaming.50.Little house on the prairie is my favorite show. I fantatize i'm laura and I've been bad.51.I have a brown thumb.52 I don't bathe as much as most people cuz I don't go anywhere or see any one but hubby often.53. my IQ is 110.54. I feel stupid for telling you all this55. I'm a child at heart and love childlike stuff.56. i collect Stickers.57.I love kids.58. I have an inferiority complex59. I'm obsessive Compulsive.60. I love food that is bad for you.61. I hate food good for you.62. I have no friends of my own right now they were all hubby's friend first.63.i love learning.64. i hate exercise.65. I have a speech problem.66. I walk funny.67. I have always had a good skin complexion.68. I'm a causal dresser. I don't care about fashion.69. My computer is in the living room. I always work on the pc and watch tv at the same time. I live in this chair.70. I care too much about what people think.71. I hate chatting on line but should more to make friend.72. I'm looking for a DOM.73. I'm addicted to techtv's call for help and screensavers.74.I'm a bbw. I do think I'm pretty despite my weight and disability.75.I love thril rides.76. I love thinking games but hate games where you just walk around a board.77.I'm sorta bi.78.i've done M/F/M79.If I could do anything I'd dance and do gymnastics.80.I'm insecure 81.I'm an only child.82. I'm a night owl83.I love rpgs but hardly play them.84.I love creamy foods.85. I love Tv and movies.86. I hate coffee.87. I love creamy foods.89.'m not a good housekeeper.90.'m taking a photoshop class soon.91. I only cuss at home with hubby.92.Chicken, pizza, steak, pasta, cheese, ice cream, and chicoalate candy, cake with buttercream icingare my fav foods.93.I love sims game.94. my brain never stops working. I wish it would shut up.95.I've only been out of texas twice.96. I love collecting pics on my screenpaver screensaver.97.I appectiate a nice body male or female.98. I've never been with a girl.99.I hate snobs and arrogant people most.100. I'm very open minded.101. I hate judgemental people102. I'm terrible with spelling grammer and typing.103 I was a very good kid. I never hardily got in any trouble except for not going to school and not doing my chorus.104. I;m a spoiled brat.105. I have hernated disk in my lower back and neck106.My fav resturants are Olive Garden, Red Lobster,China Jade, and Bamboo garden107.my drink of choice is beer but I like wine, pina coladas with tequilla, and coke or egg nogg with rum , tequilla, or crown royal.108.I sometimes take too much prescription drugs and/or over the counter drugs to sleep or feel good.109.Growing up I had an imaganary friend named Duh..... This was before the expression Duh started.110.When a memory plays in my head I don't want to deal with comes to my mind I say stupid things to my self like " i wish this day was over", "I wish everyone would leave me alone( mostly the time I'm alone when this happens)", " Ihate my life" , and even sometimes "I wish I was dead"111. I like weenie and cheese cooked in the microwave.112.I used to cook sliced cheese in the oven by it self.113. I like frying roast and brisk in a skillet.114.I like cooked honeycombs cereal.115.Neither hubby nor I can drive. 116.my favorite perfume is White diamonds. I also like vanilla and lavander sense117. Hubby and I met on our transfertation disabled bus system118. I have a terrible time making friends.119.I have a hard time trusting people.120.I feel like most people can't/wont understand me.121. I can't bring myself to get rid of any books that I own. 122. I eat with my hands whenever possible. 123. I cry very easily.124. I love drawing with big Crayola markers. 125. I've lived my entire life in the Dallas metroplex. 126. When I was younger I made some bad decisions127. I love psychadelic mushrooms128. I love sleeping129. I have loads of books130. I slept in a toilet131. I love playing video games132. I like marijuana133. I watch porn movies134. People are cool.135. I have a lot to learn136. I've never broken someone's bones137. I love Chinese food138. I would hate to be famous139. I am not a morning person140. I wear glasses141. I can ramble on about absolutely nothing142. I hardly ever go to bed before midnight143. I spend too much time on the computer144. I'd like to be more original145. I've lied146. I wonder what happens when you die147.. I hate chemistry with a passion148. I hate dish washing149. I should be doing somehting else rather than writing this150. I am online a lot, but not in MSN151. I'm very disorganized152. I keep a diary153. I can't do cartwheels154. I am very lazy, selfish155. I'm sarcastic156. I'm very sensitive157. I love being "ab-normal"

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