Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Married couple seeks single truly orally bisexual male Dom experienced in BDSM and spanking in the DFW area.

Married couple seeks single truly orally bisexual male Dom experienced in BDSM and

spanking in the DFW area. Must be white between ages 30 and 50. We desire someone who experience sexual attraction toward and responsiveness to both males and females. Someone who likes to give and receive to males and female equally sexually. Must be truly, orally bisexual. Must be willing and ENJOY giving male fair, equal, oral exchange. This means willing and enjoys giving oral to man as well as receive. Must be seriously into BDSM as a Dom and not just someone wanting to try it. Female seeks BDSM play, oral and anal sex. No vaginal sex (unless you've had a vasectomy) because we are trying to get pregnant. However she is not a true slave or sub. She is more of a brat/sub. She does not obey every command instantly. She may fight it. She is looking for BDSM play not a real lifestyle. Male is not into BDSM but desires oral exchange with man. NO MARRIED MEN UNLESS BOTH PARTIES PARTICIPATE. Domme Woman may apply but more interested in men. NO quickie one-time meeting. NO WE CANNOT MEET TODAY or tomorrow or the next. We want a long-term friendship and to really get to know you before meeting. We want someone who wants to be a friend first and foremost, Not just a f*ck. We want someone open minded enough to look past our physical disability. Someone willing to fill out a get to know you form. I have to be a dominating Bitch online at first to make sure you’re for real and to weed out the non-serious idiots that do not fit this but try to get with us anyway. So if you can't handle that or don't fit what this says don't bother. I'm not like that all the time. I'm actually more submissive than I want to be considering I'm a brat not a sub. If you’re the type to criticize spelling, grammar, and typing don’t bother either. IM me at Spankmeinfw2000 on Yahoo! messager or buttercreamkises on AIM.

Go here http://hometown.aol.com/spankmeinfw/myhomepage/profile.html and read the page Thoroughly and fill out the form if you’re TRULY REALLY interested.

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