Friday, October 05, 2007

What we are looking for

My Husband and I are looking for a single Truly orally bisexual male dom experienced in bdsm and spanking that lives in the

DFW area.

go here and read the page thoroughly and fillout the form if your

TRULY REALLY interested

idiots we meet

I get tons of people interested in my ad. You probably figure most are idiots. Oh How true. All we want is a single bisexual Dom/domme That lives in dfw that can look past our disability. Plan and simple yet 90 f the people that respond aren't and they are idiots.
Tons of people just want to be with me not hubby. They LET will him suck them. Oh man what an honor of then to allow him to suck them. OH PLEASE! Some that have came over suck him a whole 2 seconds and that's it. We want someone that if fair in a threesome. All three give to both the others. It's fair! I mean my hubby should get something for letting guys fuck me. We want someone that is turely orally bisexual. People that have day dreamed about giving same sex oral. Who have tried it. Who KNOW they enjoy it.
Then there are people who aren't really in to bdsm. I always ask them what bdsm means. Many don't know. I ask "are you into bdsm". "yes" "ok what does bdsm stands for?" "I don't know?" "Ok so youre into something but you don't know what it is? What idiots? My favorite answer was it stood for "torture and shit". That answer scared me. Most think it's just bondage and spanking or just controlling someone. Few can name all six parts b/d d/s s/m.
Then there are people who are pretty much perfect but they refuse to fill out the form. I mean it help save wasting time. I get to know all the main things. If there is a reason it won't work I usually will know there. No talking for month and then find out they are allergic to cats. It also shows how serious a person is about meeting. I mean these people want spend lots of time with us, lots of time traveling to us, and they want to fuck us. Yet they cant spend 30 minutes to fill out the form. Too fucking lazy or conceited on. These people dont have time to fill out a form or are too lazy, I know they wont find time to be with us or just to lazy for us. Or else they are too stupid to fill it out. Directions are right there on the page.

Then there are Doms that arent doms but arrogant assholes. They try to Dom me from minute one. And they are just full of them selves.

Then I get subs wanting to find a mistress. Damn look at my name. Look at the first thing my page says. IM LOOKING FOR A BISEXUAL DOM.

Then there are people who cant, wont or dont read my page. Most of the people who respond have not even read any of what Im looking for. Much less all of it thoroughly. They dont know we are disabled or they that dont read that Im a brat not a sub.

There are the married people who want to cheat on their spouse. We dont condone cheating. Enough said.

Then there are the liars. The one that tell you anything you want then to say just to get in your pants. Its usually so obvious that arent bi or into bdsm but will say they are. You know they have no clue about bdsm.

Then there are one that want me to "teach" them bdsm. I'm not a teacher. Subs don't teach Subs. If you want to learn bdsm get off your lazy ass and go read about it.

Then there are the kids age 21 to say 25. They have not lived sexually and don't really know what they like and don't like. They haven't had much time to get experience in bdsm and bisexuality.Why would a 21 year old want a long term relationship with a disabled couple over 35. They will never stay around long.

The scammers. Ok I never ran into one until the other day. He lives far away. He used lines like .i wonna be with u for the rest of my life, can we get it started? and how about the deal i guess?, i could be in ur place any moment from now, u know what? i think i told u im not in the states right now, but i can leave here becuz of u, but i need to hear the details, Isn't it a DEAL?, i call it DEAL He said hope you and you friend are doing well Now we have not really talked. He lies and tries to say what I want to here. But he wants me to send 400 dollar so he can fly down here. How fucking stupid does he think I am? I would pay for anyone to come here much less someone I dont even know. I told him Id send the money. LOL scams on him.

Then there are the people who live too far away anything over 35 miles is too far. We get people who say they have the money to travel. Please people who will pay that much and time for sex is just too desperate. We get people from UK, Middle East, all over the world. The Middle Eastern just wont take no for an answer.

There are the babies you get mad when I say no. My most hated most received comment your loss. What an immature comment. Just today a guy though a temper tantrum cuz I said no. He put messages on all my blogs. I hate immature sore losers. Thats why I prefer older men.

There are the one that fill out the form talk a day or too seem interested then disappear.

There are the people that Ive never talked too before Iming me they want to come over that night. Please I dont want to be murdered thanks. The ones that say Im in town I dont care. Bye. Geez.

There are the people who just want a fuck that all. We want a long-term friendship. Mot quickie on time fucks.

Lastly there are the people who contact me saying Im horny I say good go fuck yourself. People who want cyber or web cam sex. I only want the real thing. These assume Im a nympho cuz of my ad. Im not. Or how about the ones that just say call me at whatever number.

Then again there are the plain idiots. Enough said.

Weve met about 11 people so far. All those fit the first category. Not really bisexual they may suck him 2 seconds that all. They lied to get to me. One guy Im still kind of seeing (not sure for very long) Has said after meeting that he just want to play with me not hubby and nothing for him. I figured why not. As long as I dont have to give to him hubby and I dont lose anything. But he has this thing about saying Im coming over tomorrow. What? No Invite? No advance warning? Im a planner so Hes really getting on my nerves.
So I hope we can meet someone real. Ill point all idiots and real hopefuls here so either they will get the message or realize they can be what we are looking for.

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